Aliens My Theory

Aliens: My Theory – - Essay, Research Paper


60% of the US?s population believes in aliens and 95% of those people believe the

government has knowledge and functions in their activities and whereabouts. There are

many people who believe in extra terrestrial life and there are many skeptics. I am among

those people however who do believe. There are many theories on extra terrestrial life,

their existence and why they are on earth. My theory on all of this paranormal phenomena

is one in which some other people in the US support. However, I didn?t start believing in

Aliens and such from hearing this theory…it all came together within time.

I always had some interest in aliens but I never had a theory on them as I do now.

What started my theories and even more interest was the sci-fi channels Alien specials.

One of the first ones I had a part in it which really got to me; it was about how during the

1950?s the US was making there own UFO?s and they showed a man stepping into one

and flying it, but soon after (about one year) they stopped manufacturing and testing them.

I found this very strange; why would someone learn how to make a UFO and then

suddenly stop?! The other factor was the millions of people who claimed that they were

abducted or had seen a UFO (although you never know if that could?ve been our gov?ts

own testing crafts).

The theory I know have most of my belief in is one which I found over the

Internet. This theory may seem a bit farfetched but it does make much sense, at least to me

it does. This theory however answers many questions such as why the US started the

manufacturing and testing of space crafts.

Here is the theory that I have spoken about above. First of all the alien tribe known

as the ?greys? cam to America and had a meeting with president Eisenhower and other

officials. They spoke and made a fairly simple agreement; the aliens would be allowed to

abduct humans and the aliens would in return give the US information and technology.

The aliens were allowed to abduct humans on certain circumstances however, these were

that the humans that were abducted could not be hurt in any way, that they were to have

no knowledge about the abduction preceding it, and that they be returned to their origin.1

out of 40 people have an alien transplant in them which is put there for tracking in case of

an emergency. Once the greys were caught using hormonal secretions, and blood of

people that they had abducted and claimed their race would die out and cease to exist of

they didn?t use it. The aliens also have labs under the earth in 4 sections of the US, mostly

in the western part. No president after Eisenhower has knowledge about the aliens either.

Since the gov?t knows that some people are mad for the gov?t not telling the public about

the aliens the US has decided to do something very big. Between the years 1999 and 2004

they are going to tell the world about aliens and have a live broadcasting on this whole

thing. They are going to tell the US public that the aliens are here only to help us, and that

they will give us the cure to all diseases and make peace all around the world. This will

appease the US public and they will trust the aliens. The aliens will then tell the public that

there is a bad race of aliens after earth and that they will have to change the form of gov?t

and over time change the money system in order to escape and win over these ?bad? aliens.

This is, of course, untrue. The supposed ?good? aliens are making all of this in order to

change the gov?t and money system so that they will have all the power and money.

Therefore, the US is really conversing with the bad aliens.

I have written this essay to show that there are really aliens out there. I firmly

believe that there is such a thing and that the US gov?t is hiding this from us along with

many other things.


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