Abortion Essay Research Paper Adoption should be

Abortion Essay, Research Paper

Adoption should be made easier than Abortion

Humans have a tendency to take many substantial factors in life for granted. Opposing views of pro-life and pro-choice options affect many individuals on a daily bases. Some choose the convenience of abortion while others wish that adoption could be easier to accomplish. I believe that society should stand by the commandment that thou shall not kill, because conception is the start of all human life. There should not be a single human on this earth that should be allowed to kill another. Adoption should be the only other choice one should have rather than keeping the child; therefore, banning all abortion clinics once and for all.

Each day a pregnant woman chooses abortion over bringing another human being into this world. This sad and morbid procedure takes place and has no mercy on the baby fetus. I find it hard to understand how one could listen to the screams that are echoed from within themselves while they lay back and literally let the life be sucked out of them. I have known a couple of people that have chosen this over bringing the child to the world; this is a decision that they will regret for the rest of their lives. Considering the circumstances that they were young, and not yet ready to provide proper care, they felt it to be the most suitable decision.

Barren families have grasped every opportunity in their ability to have an adopted child. If adoption could be made as convenient as abortion society would find less children lacking healthy living standards. This could also provide less crime and poverty. Each day a doctor approves the death of the next generation for only a few hundred dollars; paid serial killers in clever disguise. This detestable choice should no longer be considered in the United States, or anywhere else in this world. Leaving the only other decision to be to give it away for adoption.

A family that could enjoy rather than destroy a child should be the only realistic people to posses one. When understanding that it takes patience and love to raise a child, one should consider this before ever putting themselves in a situation where they would have one. By making adoption easier we can cut out the associated problems with abortion and show each and every child that they are loved. If there isn?t a chance for love than there isn?t a chance for life. In my personal opinion and view, life is precious and short. Depriving the chance for a single soul to live proves nothing more than contradiction to life in general.

In disclosure I have chosen to agree that adoption should be made easier and more convenient, than the decision of abortion. Provided that the adoptee is a well off individual that can maintain and care for the child without a doubt. In which case the pregnant mother should be able to hand over the baby without the discretion of the child?s father. It should not be the decision of the father if the mother feels the baby to be better off adopted by a family. The choice for abortion is up to the mother, so why not make the choice of adoption up to her also. For it is known that human life is in the hand of each and every pregnant woman.


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