Media Essay Research Paper All around the

Media Essay, Research Paper

All around the world, teens and younger little kids gather together for a show, concert, or anything else, to see their teen idols. If they can’t see their teen idols live, television is the next best way to getting closer to them. They are admired and looked up to, and have been around our entire lives, but are they taking music and videos to the extreme? Media should be limited and more respectful to others and the people watching/listening.

They’re beautiful, looks and fashion wise, “they’re cute with a voice that booms”and they get their “props” from that. They can inspire and affect the lives of all their fans and lead them the right way out. Their music and videos keep them occupied when they’re mad, sad, happy, or just bored, so they do stay out of trouble for a bit. “It’s their way of entertainment and way of making money,” but what happens when it goes too far?

Disagreements are made everyday, media is a way of entertainment for teens and young kids to keep them out of the dangers of life. But what happens when it encourages it? For example, rapper Eminem raps about gays and lesbians, killing his wife, and his mom being a “crackhead.”Little children hear the profanity and slang and think it’s okay to say it too. They get the wrong impression because they may not know what’s real and not. Next thing you know, they’re over there saying something like that to their parents, teachers, anyone who comes across them to get them mad.

More over, not only is there the explicit language, but divas are dressing a little too little. Teen pop idols Brittney Spears and Christina Aguilera are under tha spotlight for such a rage. Their baring midriffs and see through clothing are giving their little fans the impression that “it’s okay to dress this way because Brittney Spears and Christina Aguilera wear it that way.” Not only does it give the wrong impression, but it sets a high standard for women to look that way so men would want them. Women are self conscious, and seeing someone smaller only makes them want to be the same as or even smaller than that. And this issue could be argued about, some saying “it’s their way of expressing and it should be respected”, but what about the girls who need the respect and self-esteem. Seeing their teen idol being able to bear the midriff, makes them feel bad that they can’t. Respect and expression can sometimes hurt those who don’t know or understand the message they are trying to get out. Selling music with a warning label on it doesn’t work, music with the actual profanity actully censored, would be more appropriate for a younger person. Then it would decrease the rate of someone doing something that their rapper counterpart said they did.

Sometimes, it’s not the teen idols, but it’s the people who participate. Music videos are a great part in what everyone watches today. Women who are diplayed are wearing thongs, are stripping, are toughed and felt up. To some women, “it’s very degrating to watch how women are treated on television,” especially before children and teens. It then gives the male population the idea that all women are or should be like that, of they’re not good enough. Standards are again set high.

What’s going to happen to out future? Will the media play a big role in the future of our generations? Should the media be more careful as to what the viewers and fans are watching or listening to? It may be a good way to entertain, but what do people really do get out of the whole ordeal in the end? Not only media, but also people should watch out for what is done and what should be done.


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