Industrialization Effects On Human Being Essay Research

Industrialization Effects On Human Being Essay, Research Paper

Every human being has the need to share his happiness or his sad moments

with other people, and especially with his close persons such as his family or his

friends , because these are the groups of people who are really close to him and

these are the only people who really can understand him and give him their help

without expecting reward.

Unfortunately, as society industrializes, family and friends keep off from

each other and that’s why people spend more hours in work. Nowadays, work

is taking our lives, invading our homes, and generally keep people far away from

their close persons. In a very real sense almost all people are working two or

three part-timers to survive. There’s the work people do for a living ,the work

for themselves , plus the combination of housework and care giving.

Simultaneously, the old line between work and private life is vanishing.

Work has become a form of `home` and home has become `work`. Many people

now see their jobs as `more appreciative ,personal sort of social world`compared

their homes. People don’t have time either for themselves or their friends and

family. We all have realized that families face problems due to lack of time.

rarely have lunch or dinner together, rarely they talk about their problems.

especially , children face difficulties because they don’t have the opportunity to

talk about the new things they face every day and they don’t have anyone close

to them in order to explain them how world works. While one parent used to

work forty hours a week outside home, now parents often have a combined

eighty hour work-week.

To make things more specific we can imagine how we might felt if one of

our mates had a serious accident , or a serious disease and we didn’t manage to

tell him how much we loved him or that we had regretted all the times we could

be there with him and we weren’t. So ,what we loose is obvious and

simultaneously painful ;we lose our strong binds who connect people.

On the other hand , being involved in secondary gives the opportunity to

meet new people. Coworkers, students, business associates have similar traits

and goals, are familiar and accessible, and share in each other’s excitement,

frustrations, and celebrations. People tend to work , or generally contribute

with other people who are like them in many ways, similar social class,education

and income levels ,interests ,attitudes and values.

One example which can show us what we lose and what we gain from the

process of being more involved in secondary groups and less in primary

interaction is the following. Let’s imagine that one father is working as a bank

clerk and as an insurance assistant in order to have the opportunity to offer his

children more goods. He is so busy that he doesn’t have time to come in touch

with his own children. Of course he gains more money. But is money more

important than his own kids? No it’s not and it will never be!

In short, it can be clearly recognized that due to industrialization people’s

life has deeply changed. People don’t have time even for themselves and they

should be careful not to lose `themselves` too!


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