Right To Die 2 Essay Research Paper

Right To Die 2 Essay, Research Paper

Right to Die

Physician-assisted suicide presents one of the greatest dilemmas to families across the nation today. There are many who are suffering unnecessarily everyday, who want to partake in physician -assisted suicide. Should someone who is mentally competent, but labeled terminally ill, be allowed to engage in physician -assisted suicide? According to society, the terminally ill do not have the right to take their own life or be assisted. Society needs to take into consideration the terminally ill’s happiness, rights, and the financial commitments that are endured by the patient. Regardless of what society deems as the right thing to do, there have been many cases over the years where a terminally ill patient who is mentally competent has made the choice to either partake in physician-assisted suicide or euthanasia.

The financial commitment that a terminally ill patient must commit to just to stay alive can be costly. Most of these people are so ill they are unable to work, or limited in the amount of work one can engage in. Not having an income, or having a limited income, makes it very stressful on the ill, especially when the doctors are asking for payment during treatments. Then society essentially forces the terminally ill to turn to

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the family for financial help, in turn causing more stress on both parties. Is this fair for one to live his or her last days with the tremendous burden of costly medical bills?

Is living with a terminal illness, so severe that one is unable to function independently? The government says that it is. According to the government having a severe illness does not allow one to be free and independent, due to mental incompetence. Freedom is also having the ability to make choices. These choices should include the right to decide to end one’s own life when such complications exist.

One would think of their last days or months being the time spent with loved ones, to share smiles, and heart filled moments together. Most would see this as happiness. Society as a whole may think that this fantasy ending is what the terminally ill experience. How can one experience happiness when they know that the pain, suffering, and the financial disaster will still be there indefinitely. Many terminally ill feel the burden one will be putting on loved ones for the care they require, and the financial responsibility that will be left behind. Many carry this type of baggage all the time.

If the people were to keep silent about what they believe in, our government would not exist as the system it is today. This nation’s democracy was created because of those brave souls who fought for their rights, and today’s society should follow in the same footsteps. If everyone would voice their opinion in the favor for the right to die, the government would have to attend to the peoples’ wishes.


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