Те черты, которые нам нужны

1. Be courteous to others - not just me;
2. Love to laugh with me;
3. Love to cuddle with me;
4. Tickle me - physically and emotionally;
5. Be willing to defend me;
6. Be supportive;
7. Be a dreamer;
8. Generally be more optimistic than pessimistic, but should also be realistic;
9. Develop his own opinions and therefore not always agree with me, but still respect my beliefs;
10. Possess a sarcastic, somewhat dry sense of humor;
11. Possess some childish and endearing quirk about him;
12. Have an interest in art (whether that means admiring or creating);
13. Be able to calm me down when I am nervous or comfort me when I am upset;
14. Be willing to occasionally embarrass himself for me;
15. Have some professional plans to pursue after institute;
16. Be willing to teach, but also to be taught;
17. Be willing to admit that he doesn't know everything and admit when I am right;
18. Be a good listener and be interested in what I have to say;
19. Be somewhat traditional, but should still be open to new ideas;
20. Be faithful. Distance should not interfere with his loyalty to me;
21. Be comfortable talking with me;
22. Be happy in my company;
23. Tolerate, even like, the pet name I give him;
24. Keep his promises to me and to others;
25. Not mind how I dress;
26. Be comfortable just sitting in silence with me;
27. Be altruistic and willing to help those in need;
28. Accept me for who I am---my personality, my beliefs, and my looks;
29. Read for pleasure;
30. Enjoy visiting libraries;
31. Enjoy visiting (most) museums;
32. Not be concerned whether I wear make-up or not and like the way I look with or without it;
33. Like animals;
34. Make an effort to call me before I call him to coordinate dates;
35. Contact me just to ask how I am doing that day and to remind me that he misses and cares for me;
36. Should not immediately declare his love for me; he should wait at least a few months, not days or weeks.
37. Stay reasonably updated on the news (i.e., reads the newspaper for something besides the comics or sports statistics at least once or twice a week);
38. Eat meat; cannot be a vegetarian or have a severely restricted diet, unless he has serious allergies;
39. Like watching movies, especially with me;
40. Not be a sports-watching junkie. He should generally prefer playing sports over watching them;
41. Must like and respect nature;
42. Must not be afraid to admit that there's a problem in our relationship;
42. Not be afraid to tell me if something I do turns him on or excites him in any way;
43. Must respect my friends;
44. Must respect my choice not to drink;
45. Must respect my privacy and understand that I want to be alone sometimes;
46. Must like visiting parks;
47. Not be afraid of foreign languages and cultures;
48. Be kind and considerate;
49. Surprise me with his tender and generous side;
50. Respect my right to hold secrets that don't affect him;
51. Not keep secrets from me, unless they really don't affect me;
52. Not be ashamed of me;
53. Be concerned about my happiness;
54. Make every effort to be the best boyfriend he can be!


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