The Human Abstract Essay Research Paper Romantic

The Human Abstract Essay, Research Paper

Romantic Traits In “The Human Abstract”

My aim for this essay is to try to bring out and analyse the romantic themes, that can be reflected from “The Human Abstract” written by William Blake. If there now are any? Let us find out.

“Pity would be no more,

If we did not make somebody poor;

And Mercy no more could be,

If all were happy as we”

These sentences emphasise the separation between superiors and inferiors caused by the mankind. It is like we are driven to cause harm to uphold our humanity and its touch of sentimentality. Both Pity and Mercy seems to be very empty words containing no actual shame beyond themselves in this meaning. Their existence, seems here to be of more stronger importance. To use this words we have to have suffering and pleasure, so they would have any real function.

“And mutual fear brings peace,

Till the selfish loves increase;

Then Cruelty knits a snare,

And spreads his baits with care.”

A small draught of fear in our minds, creates respect against the nature that is surrounding us. To look with two eyes instead of one, we can maintain the peace and harmony and observe it for what it is. Only when we start to watch the nature from an internal perspective, based on own needs, it safety is in real threat. This frightening development can then arise in pure cruelty and its thoughts become actions. The darkness then drag us down under, and forces us to his side. With a friendly eye to the out side, it is easy to be fooled by its truly face.

“He sits down with holy fears,

and waters the ground with tears;

Then Humility takes its root

Underneath his foot.”

The Mankind’s soul is filled with different emotions. Fear is the most frightening feeling we have to concur. It can break down our strength and make us all weak if we do not fight it back in time. When our fear, once again has disappeared and Cruelty has turned its back, Humility fills up our hearts and give us our happiness back.

“Soon spreads the dismal shade

Of Mystery over his head;

And the Catterpiller and Fly

Feed on the Mystery.”

This is the only part which does not include any rhymes and does not make any actual sense. The sentence, were the words, Catterpiller and Fly are involved, have for me become a remaining question-mark. Anyway, I think the part is something about, how a gloomy shade is covering the lightness and creating mystery around us. The mystery might be the darkness.

“And it bears the fruit of Deceit

Ruddy and sweet to eat;

And the Raven his nest has made

In its thickest shade”

Maybe it is the darkness who have lost a soul and want to have it back. By showing its force it is trying to convince you to return to it. The Raven is perhaps Cruelty by its real evil shape, who is trying to tempt you to follow his way.

“The God of the earth and sea,

Sought thro’ Nature to find this Tree,

But their search was all in vain:

There grows one in the Human Brain”

The “Tree” that is mentioned in the text does not actually exist. All this different expressions: Pity, Mercy, Cruelty, Humility and Deceit can be feelings that are experienced by the Human. Each one leads to another and this envelop includes every one of them.

The poem is perhaps describing how humans become witnesses to a mixture of emotion. Several of them wants to drag you down and make you suffer, but at the same time, other wants to lift you up and let you enjoy life.

Chaos is probably the only expression that covers this whole poem and the human brain.


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