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Ecstasy Essay Research Paper 1 September 2000The

Ecstasy Essay, Research Paper

1 September 2000

The Lure of Ecstasy

According to the Time Magazine article ecstasy is a serious drug in America. Karen a high school student from Texas experiments with the drug before school. In Grand Rapids, Michigan takes the drug so her and husband can talk about there problems.

So what is this drug ?ecstasy? and where did it come from?

Well according to Time it is actually MDMA. The patient was issued in 1914 to the E. Merch Company. The chemists though they could develop the drug into a therapudic drug. The drug that 8% of all high school seniors have tried disappeared until 1953. The U.S. government actually tested putting the drug into war heads. In 1978 the first formal report cam eout about it was written by Alxander Shulgin. Mr. Shulgin praised the drug and told of how it cured one of his patients of a speech impedement. He also said he took it at parties so he could have a good time without drinking alcohol.

In the early 1980s it was sold in bars alongside alcohol. Manfuracters in the 80?s said it was not addicting and it did not have any side effects. In 1985 the D.E.A. outlawed it for good.

What are the dangers to using MDMA?

Well as Times research shows there are a few dangers. Some people that take it remember a tragedy in there life and can be over come in fear. Another danger to the body is overheating. When users don?t drink water there body temperatures can reach over 110 degrees. This can cause their blood to coagulate and death will follow. The drug can also cause a massive hangover this is called a Terrible Tuesday. Another danger is that some of the pills are mixed with other drugs. This can cause injury or even death.


Why are so many people lured to ecstasy?

According to Time there are a few reasons people enjoy this drug. One of them is there are no known long or short term effects. It is also know for getting you a different kind of ?high.? Drugs like LSD make you stupid, marijuana relaxes you and cocaine wire you. Some people describe ecstasy as a six hour orgasm. It also seems to have a therapudic effect on people.

Is anything being done to stop the flow of ecstasy?

Time notes that there are steps being taken to slow this drug from coming into the country. Tuffer laws are being passed in congress for the trafficking of this drug. Police are busting larger and larger shipments of ?e.? There is also a nonprofit organization called Dancesafe. It is run by Bob Wallace Microsoft employee number nine. This group sets up tables are parties and raves and gives fliers out about drugs and there effects. They also check ?e? to see if its pure.

Ecstasy siposly make a horrible evening the best night of your life. There are no knowm side effects now but they are still ding research. (June 5, 2000 issue of Time volume 155 Pages 62-68)