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Compare/Contrast–My Two Favorite Restaurants Essay, Research Paper

Introduction: Over the past few years as far back as I can remember, I have always liked going out to eat. I am going to tell about the differences of two of my favorite restaurants.

The first restaurant I will be talking about is Logans Roadhouse, the second one is


?Thesis: The first restaurant I will be talking about in Logans Roadhouse, the second one is McDonalds.

The Ambiance

?Going To Logans

?Going To McDonalds

Waiting for your food

?Longer wait at Logans

?Less of a wait at McDonalds

Prices for Dining

?Logans is more expensive

?McDonalds is inexpensive

Over the past few years as far back as I can remember, I have always liked going out to eat. I am going to tell about the differences between two of my favorite restaurants. One restaurant I will be talking about is Logan?s Roadhouse the other is McDonalds.

Logans and McDonalds are two different restaurants when it comes to the ambiance. Most of the surroundings at Logans include a waiting room with long, leather topped, benches to sit on while waiting. The floor is hard wood and is covered with empty peanut hulls. Music is playing at a medium level, usually Alternative or Country. Sometimes you can barely hear the person sitting right next to you.

There is Laughter present and usually a large variety of people sitting all around. There is a bar, a smoking section and a non- smoking section. When going to McDonalds the surroundings are quite different. There are sometimes greasy floors, when dining in you are seated at a small booth the tables really aren?t big enough for everything. Unlike Logans McDonalds customers are usually in a rush coming in, ordering their food and storming out. McDonalds usually has some elevator music playing at a decent level and people are always shouting at each other.

When you are planning to eat at Loans Roadhouse, you might want to consider making reservations because it can take up to a two-hour wait if you don?t. When finally being seated, there is a waiter that is assigned to each table. The first thing they do is ask what you want to drink. About three minutes later, a waiter has brought out your drinks. The next thing they do is Bring you some buttered Rolls to eat while you are waiting and of course there are always the Peanuts. The Peanuts that the customers eat and are then encouraged to throw the hulls right in the floor. After waiting about seven to ten minutes the waiter comes back to the table and takes your order. About ten minutes later they bring out the salads and refill your cups with more of whatever was in it to start with. About half and hour later they bring out your food. When you go to McDonalds they have the option of a drive through. Logans don?t have this option. At McDonalds, when you are dining in, you walk up to the counter and give the waiters your order. If they don?t get your order all wrong then your food should be ready in the next two to three minutes, occasional you may have to wait longer. If you are going to go through the drive through, you drive up give your order and drive around to the little window and they take your money and have your food ready. So if you were in a hurry this would probably be your best choice.

When you choose to eat at Loans, you will probably end up paying an estimate of fifteen to twenty dollars a person. However, at McDonalds you will only be paying around two to six dollars a person. At McDonalds you pay for your food before you even get it. Logans is somewhat different, after you have finished up with everything, the waiter asks if you want your check separate or together. It depends on how many people are eating at the time. Then they bring out the check; they give you many options on how you can pay. Usually tips are left on the tables after customer?s leave, that means that the customer is saying ? thank you waiter you did a good job?. At McDonalds the waiters aren?t allowed to receive tips. Both Restaurants to me are great places to eat.

Conclusion: Whether you choose Logans or McDonalds, I am sure that you will have a great time. Now that you know there may be a few things you might want to consider before hand, and also what to expect when you are there. I love going out to eat; it gives me a chance to escape everyday life and also gives me something different to look forward to.



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