Judiasm Essay Research Paper The meaning of

Judiasm Essay, Research Paper

The meaning of Judaism as stated in ROW, religion of the people the southern Israelite realm of Judah. The history of Judaism is divided in three periods, the time of beginning, classical Judaism, and modern Judaism. During the time of the beginning the religion centered on the cult and temple of the Yahweh. In this period there was stories told that later outline the Bible. Judaism centered itself around one God and this is identified as supreme deity. The Torah forbade the making of images to represent God, and all forms of polytheism were rejected. (ROW 288) This basically is stating that Judaism is the dialogue between God and humanity. I believe that Judaism is more complex and also I feel that all of the struggle that the

Jewish people have been threw has made Judaism so significant.

The word prophet is defined as, People believed to carry messages God and the people of Israel. Early prophets promoted monotheism; some were also important advocates of social justice. (ROW 499) Prophet is also known as the Greek translation of the Hebrew navi. Nathan was one of the earliest prophets and Elijah was known of a century later. There was also writing prophets by the 18th century and they were Amos, Isaiah, Jeremiah, and the Second Isaiah. There is evidence that the prophets struggled to change the attitudes and religious practice of their nation. The prophets tried to convince the rest of the nation that if they used the ways of their neighbors it would lead to disaster. Prophets also challenged the acts of the ruler and demanded that they obey the word of Yahweh-Nathan was successful and Elijah s words was not.

Yahweh is the modern reconstruction of the name of God in the Torah and it was the ultimate hero of the biblical saga. (ROW 291). Moses corresponded with Yahweh, and Yahweh spoke to Moses as one man would speak to another (Exod. 33-11) During this time they established the Ten Commandments which reflect the memory of the people of Israel.

The Holocaust has affected the religion of Judaism because of all the hard times and bad treatment that was going on during that period of time. I feel that many of the Jewish people that have survived the Holocaust are really united and they make the most out of their studies. Being that the Jewish people have been persecuted and miss treated for a long period of time and most take there religious studies seriously because of there past.

Mishnah is a compilation of rabbinic teaching mostly legal that forms the earliest part of Talmud. (ROW498) It is an oral law that makes learning and oral tradition in academics of Toral. The Rabbis and people that followed them did most of the teachings. Even the Rabbis teach that the word of human history is critical and acting out Gods word is critical.


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