The Doors Essay Research Paper Ray played

The Doors Essay, Research Paper

Ray played demos for all the record companies in LA and everybody said, No . Nobody liked the kind of music they played. (Densmore 46) Sonny and Cher’s old managers, Charlie green and Brian Store, wanted to sign the Doors but they wanted seventy-five percent of the writing and publishing of the Doors songs. The band felt that taking more than fifty percent was wrong and the old way of taking money from a band. (Densmore 79) Frank Zappa and Terry Melchar wanted to produce the Doors, but they didn t want a producer they wanted a record label. (Densmore 79) A few record companies had sent representatives to see the Doors play, but nothing came of it. Ronnie Harman tried to get us to sign a management contract but even Jim thought that she was to regional to launch a group nationally. (Densmore 79) To the group s surprise, Billy James from Columbia records came to the Whiskey a go-go. He said he liked our demo and was head of A&R at Columbia. A&R is the department in charge of acquiring new talent. They talked big but after a month things seemed the same. (Densmore 70) A few days later John Densmore, the drummer, decided to take things into his own hands. He dropped into Billy James office at Columbia records to see what was going on with the record deal. Billy got the company to sign the Doors up to a record contract that offered them a chance to make a record but no money. Columbia didn t do anything for months, not even booking studio time to make a record. (Densmore 72) During the conversation, Billy excused himself from the office for a moment. In his boredom John scanned the room. He came across some papers on the desk so he got up and snooped through them. While he was looking through the papers he saw one with the name the Doors on it. They were listed under the heading drop list along with 17 other artist. (Densmore 72) John told the other band members what he saw and the band was bummed but didn t want to give up. (Densmore 72) The crowds were getting bigger and more stoned each night but the Doors still lacked a record contract. Columbia had officially dropped the doors. Billy James said he was sorry and he couldn t do anything about it. (Densmore 79) The Doors got some genuine interest from Elektra Records. Joe Holzman, the owner, came down to see us several times and talked about signing us to his label. (Densmore 79) Elektra seemed small compared to big record companies like Capitol and Columbia records. Their good taste in music as a folk label they were small enough that we wouldn t get lost in the shuffle. That was a plus to the group. The bands only worry was whether Elektra had enough power to break a group across the country. (Densmore 80) The Doors held out for a little longer continuing as the house band at the whiskey a go-go hoping to get some more offers but no offers came in. The Doors decided to sign with Elektra Records. Elektra records flew the doors to New York for the official signing of their contract. (Densmore 80)

The band was afraid of the army draft. They were afraid because they knew that if anyone got drafted the group would be destroyed. Ray was surely not to be drafted because he had already been in the service years before the band was formed. He enlisted. After a few years Ray wanted out. He swallowed a ball of aluminum foil, which gave him an ulcer. Then he told them he was a homosexual. They sent him home. In the summer of 1965, Jim, Robby and John received notices to report for an army physical. (Densmore 53) John had to go to the induction center in L.A.; was to follow the next week. (Densmore 54) Robby s family hired a psychiatrist to write up a letter saying he was unfit. Then they sent him to the draft bored in Tucson, Arizona where local anti draft movement hadn t yet made them immune to excuses. (Densmore 53-54) John went to his physical in a blue and pink striped shirt and brown chords that hadn t been washed in a month. He filled out the forms as sloppy as he could. (Densmore 54) The officer returned the forms and directed John to the next office. A black woman took John aside and pointed to the homosexual tendencies box on the form. If John checked the box he would be spared. (Densmore 56) John checked the box he would be spared. (Densmore 56) John got a 1Y classification. He was supposed to return in a year. One more rejection and the Doors would be unencumbered. (Densmore 56) July 14, John takes Jim downtown for his physical. John drops Jim off and Jim says to comeback in a couple of hours. John returned at high noon and Jim was standing in front looking cool as ever. (Densmore 57) John pulled over and Jim stepped in the car. Morrison said, they gave me a z classification. (Densmore 57) Jim never said what a Z classification was. (Densmore 59)

Robby Krieger played flamenco & folk guitar. Los Angeles 1965, John Densmore reconnects with Robby Krieger. They met in High school at University high. They form a band with two other guys calling themselves the Psychedelic Rangers. John Densmore met Ray Manczarek in a meditation class. Ray heard that John was a drummer and asked John if he wanted to form a band. John said,” yes.” but Ray said He ll call in a few months. ) Ray Manczarek called John Densmore and invited him to play with his band. The other band members were Ray s brothers Rick, the guitarist and Jim, the harmonica player. The band was called Rick and the Ravens. Ray Manczarek had nice blues licks coming from his Chicago roots. The summer of 1965 heading south on the San Diego freeway Jim asked what about the name the doors. Jim got the idea from the new Huxley book The Doors of Perception. (Densmore 32) Morrison said Huxley got the phrase from William Blake. If the doors of perception were cleansed every thing in the world would appear to man, as it truly is, infinite. (Densmore 53) Ray and Jim met at UCLA film school. Ray was pursuing a master s degree in film after a bachelor in economics and Jim was finishing up a four-year degree in film. (Densmore 35)


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