Sociology Of Violence Journal Essay Research Paper

Sociology Of Violence Journal Essay, Research Paper

FRSM 1.004

Sociology of Violence

Journal (Updated)

Thursday 9/7 Eisler, ?Human Rights and Violence?

In the passage, Rene Eilsler is relating violence and abuse with the lack of a certain ?link? in the human rights theory and social violence. Is social violence the main reason for the breakdown of human rights? Well if this is so then it also might play a fault in human rights organizations fighting for a certain reason that in fact causes violence itself. It is the little things in life which creates situations such as man over women, man over nature, and nation over nation occur.

Thursday 9/14 Elias, ?A Culture of Violent Solutions?

The passage discusses the violent society we live in today. Elias discussed the behaviors, encouragement, and push for violent people and/or leaders in certain cultures. Would violence survive without these certain culture? Or will culture survive with out violence? These were question I thought about while reading this article. Elias spoke out on violence in American culture. This was interesting and informative at the same time for he spoke out on certain subjects such as violence, drugs, poverty, enemies, children and normal living.

Thursday 9/21 Lepowsky, ?Women, Men and Aggression in an Egalitarian Society?

Lepowsky based his writing on a remote island in the South Pacific. Lepowsky talks a little on legal systems and other facts about the island and the surrounding areas. A term that impress me in particular, and I?d like to learn about is the different ideologies and how they play into part of a person?s everyday life or even in sociology. Lepowsky spoke of ideologies of power that are gendered because the people who use the powers are also gendered. She expanded on this thesis and focused on gendered constructions of the person and personal power as expressed by physical aggression or supernatural attacks on the islanders.

Thursday 9/21 Harris, ?Race, Class, Crime?

Harris discusses the common things I see when I must consider what comes into play when a person does a violent act: Race and Class. Could a person?s Class in society affect the way they act or react in certain situations? Harris explains and maps out why a person?s race could be more likely to commit a ?certain? Crime (as stated in the title). The map Harris creates is easy to understand and shows how these things come into part when specific forms of violence are discussed.

Thursday 9/28 Hooks, ?Violence in Intimate Relationships?

Hooks takes a different way to express the way she sees violence. In this passage she has a personal experience she talks about. She starts out with a horrible experience that she had with a man because he hit her while she was talking. Expecting to get special attention, she finds out that she is wrong. In the doctors office or outside in the ?real world?, Hooks shows the reader how gender and race can effect the way others view violence in a simple, personal passage.

Thursday 9/28 Dobash & Dobash ?Violence Against Women?

Dobash & Dobash discuss how the violence against women has changed over time. The thing I felt confused about was that they, in a way, had a counter example to this thesis: violence against women did not change over time. Both were stated in the beginning of the passage, I had a feeling that this article would not have a good argument. As I continued to read the passage, I came to a conclusion that they were mainly speaking of the private sphere ideology; in that women or abused and a victim of violence.

Tuesday 10/3 Pelka, ?Raped: A Male Survivor Breaks His Silence?

This passage was a rather uncomfortable one to read. This story is a story I never would expect to happen, but in reality, I say that to avoid the fact that I know it happens. This may seem weird or dumb, but truly don?t want to think about it. After reading this article on how a common man was raped, assaulted, and violated, I had a sense of how other women feel when they hear how anther women is raped. Unfortunately, it is more common for women to be raped and I don?t think I would have the inner strength to stay strong when hearing stories like this one.


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