Drama An Unforgettable Setting Essay Research

Drama: An Unforgettable Setting Essay, Research Paper

Luna Chiu

Drama: An Unforgettable Setting

The everyday sensations of hunger, tiredness, stress and hurt feelings. Thoughts of excitement, future events, and oncoming outings. The previous briefly describes a normal life-one that will soon be recorded and put onto film. The film requires two friends and will be a dismissal of the normal, portraying a unique outlook on the existence of yours truly. The two chosen ones will be close friends by the names of Adam Pangie and Esther Romirez. Another prerequisite of the filming process is an actor for each friend. Somewhat relating to each other, the chosen actor will take on the role of the fortunate friend, suggesting attributes of common magnitude. The actor picked for Adam Pangie will be John Malkovich, the actor for Esther Ramirez will be Sandra Bullock, and likewise, the actor for myself will be Christian Slater. The binding characteristics for each actor and friend include the following: independence, technical gifting, and a unique attitude.

John Malkovich, entertaining the persona of Adam Pangie, plays a unique role of independent freedom. Many of John’s recent films have been ones in which he portrayed a villain of self-reliance. Adam, like John, is also actively involved in the exclusive lifestyle. Often appearing as a stand-alone, Adam is an extreme advocate of liberty, commonly going out of his way to work alone in certain situations. The key feature of autonomy links the two characters quite thoroughly.

Sandra Bullock, representing Esther Ramirez, goes far beyond the normal concerning technical expertise. Recent films of Bullock’s include appearances of computer savoir-faire. Yet despite this computer skillfulness, Bullock’s overall perspective of life involves a high level of technicality. Likewise, Ramirez is extremely involved in the practice of virtual engineering. This temporary character equality seems fitting, as both characters are extremely well-suited in the dimension of electronics and technical proficiency.

Christian Slater, performing as myself, exhibits a different and unique attitude on the outlook of various happenings. Late works include miscellaneous action films in which he depicts characters of eccentric forms-these characters often being outspoken and unpredictable. Resembling Slater, I often find myself in the same situations. Possibly confused, trapped, or led in an obvious way to some wayward setting where I’m then left alone. The distinction between us appears to be minute-if anything at all.

With each actor keenly representing a common subject, the movie is well on it’s way. The sweat and tears put into the making. The various positions playing a major role. The effigy of characters portraying a puzzle of interwoven pieces. The representation of the previous subjects dramatizes the entire event. Not only will it be exciting, it will be something unique-something not commonly seen on the stages of today’s modern world.


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