Near To Death Experience Essay Research Paper

Near To Death Experience Essay, Research Paper

In this world, everything has to end one day. Plants die, insects die, and so do we humans. But how many of us, come back after we die? I mean?. all of us know that the messenger of god shall come one day, knocking on the doors and take us away. But these are all myths and believes. Is it really possible to share the experience of death? The answer is yes, and that?s what exactly I will be talking about today ? Near death experiences. Now, what is near-death experience? Well, it is an experience when a person embraces death, but somehow death doesn?t take him in and the person is sent back to life.

Nde are uncommon, but not rare. They occur to ordinary people all over the world. Unlike any other phase in life, Ndes may occur during comas, fever, suicide and many other diseases relating the heart and mind. While in this state, the experiencers find themselves outside their physical bodies. Their experience include going down a tunnel, seeing or entering a light or coming to a place where a decision about life or death must take place. All these things lead to a feeling of timelessness and intense emotions.

Similar to these cases, there was a recent study conducted on 26 children in the U.S, who nearly died of coma. When asked, what it was to die, one boy told them that he had a secret to share. According to his experience, he found himself climbing a staircase to heaven, while the doctors were trying to get him back to life. On the other hand, there was this guy who complained, saying that it was weird and that the doctors had sucked him back into his body. Both these children described themselves as being awake, even while they appeared to be in coma. Although their bodies were moaning in pain, they often said that they were safe in God?s arms. It sounds strange but they could actually see their parents cry and would often wonder why.

Now like these children, a person who has just had a near-death experience, probably has very mixed feelings. One may express anger or grief, while another may just struggle to stay awake. Other typical reactions are:

Fear that the NDE was a psychotic experience.

A feeling that reality has shifted (Basically, a person tends to loose grip on reality)

Euphoria, feeling special or ?chosen? (He feels gifted, with special abilities.

Withdrawal to ponder the experience. (This ones a negative exp, a shock or traumatic experience, which one wouldn?t like to think about)

Now after these cases, the question that arises is that, Does an NDE really change a persons life? Well, it does!

Change in understanding, impossible to describe or explain (life takes a different turn)

Besides losing the fear of death, a person may also loose interest in financial or career success. It may involve giving up relations, which includes family and friends.

Religious observance may increase or decrease (this depends on the exp- If it is positive, he may feel better and be optimistic or else, vice-versa)

So finally, what happens after we die?

Well?science cannot answer this question. So far, people have only learned what happens when they die. It is however a logical assumption that if we suddenly wake up and we die, there is a reason for this, perhaps to move on to another existence or life.

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