Descriptive Essay Essay Research Paper Person He

Descriptive Essay Essay, Research Paper

Person: He stands five foot five. His hair is blonde and brown. His eyes are brown as well. He listens to punk music, Nofx being his favorite band. He likes to go fishing in his grandmother’s back yard, and hunt as well. He is nice to all who are nice to him. He never turns down a friend in need, even if he is in need as well. He is overweight, but it doesn’t bring him down. He wears a necklace with his name on it, and a balled chain as well. He wears a chain bracelet around his wrist. He often wears JNCO jeans, because nothing else will do. He will rarely ever wear a shirt without a band on it. His hat is red, and bares the Millencollen symbol. His face is round and blushes easily. He likes Old English forties. This is Eric. (Objective)

The grass grows high and thick. The wind rustles the changing leaves, barely clinging to the trees. Fall is about to take its toll on springs accomplishments. The branches of the trees become brittle. The floor is covered in entangled ferns. Rocks emerge in the most unlikely of places. The animals are about to hibernate. Water rushes down stream after a light shower. The morning dew can be smelt all around. It floats in the air so softly. The slightest noise becomes widespread almost instantly. The tops of the large trees can be seen in the horizon. The sun sets, and casts a beautiful glow on droplets of water. Most trees begin to loose their magnificent luster. The pines begin dropping their needles, unknowingly making a bed for an animal passing by. Darkness comes and blurs all definition there ever was. (Subjective)

Grass comes out of hibernation for the first time in months. New life is occurring everywhere you turn. Bugs begin making their transitions from the cold months they faced before. Birds begin singing their magnificent tunes once again. Animals wake from their deep slumber, and emerge to a new atmosphere. Air goes from bitterly cold to crisp and warm. The sun rises a little earlier each day. The temperature rises slightly with each passing day. The bare trees begin to blossom with fresh life. Flowers make their way from beneath the ground to form an uncertain picture. The vivid colors give life to what used to be a dull surrounding. It is time for the smell of fresh cut grass to fill the crisp air. The taste of freshness is all around. Children can be heard playing later and later with each passing day. Vitality is restored to all things great and small.



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