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Abortion 26 Essay, Research Paper


This topic has always been a concern between the people and the government. There are approximately 1.6 million abortions. Abortion means Induced termination of pregnancy and expulsion of an embryo or fetus that is incapable of survival. I think that basically, people can do whatever they want to do, as long as they know what they are doing. What abortion is, is that if a woman has a baby in her stomach, and she does not want to have the baby, she can go through abortion or have the baby and put the baby for adoption. The main reason for aborting a baby is because that they can not handle the responsibility, another one is because they can not afford it. There are three stages in a woman s pregnancy. The first stage is when the baby is still a small egg kind of growing. The second stage is when it actually gets their feet and hands and a heart. The third stage is when it is actually living off of your body as another human being. think that if you are too young to have a baby, and you are pregnant, then I think it should be ok for the person to abort the child.

One of the side effects for having an abortion is that you feel the pain and you can get diarrhea, nausea, also it increases chances of getting cancer, anemia, and lung disease. Another effect that has on the women is the psychological effects. About ninety five percent of the women who had an abortion had a negative psychological effect, and ninety seven percent thought they have taken a human s life. There are many ways to abort a child, most of the time the doctor would just prescribe medication to take. If medication does not work, they will pull it out. Most of the time, the medication would kill the baby and the woman would just have to give birth to a dead baby, or they can make it so that you have a miscarriage. However, if the baby is in its first trimester, a vacuum can suck it and it will have hardly any damage to your body, except for that if a part of a fetus is left behind, it can infect. The main reason there are debates over this issue is because it is a new life in a stomach, never seen the outside world before. The government can not stop the people from going to an abortion clinic because, a fetus does not count as a citizen and you can still kill the baby and get away with it. However, the government is trying to ban or have banned a couple of methods that were brutal. One of the methods that the government was the partial birth abortion. What this is, is that you give birth to a part of a baby by killing the fetus inside your stomach. The good part about pro-life is that it saves an unborn life which never has seen this world. Also that when a baby is aborted many people suffer, even when the women has taken counseling, there are still remaining psychological effects and you can get harmed, from the drugs that you have taken.

The government basically assumes that each fetus does not have citizenship. It has to be born in order to have its rights as an U.S. citizen. The bad part about pro-life is that if the woman is having a baby and she is 13 and she has no responsibility, there are no father, she does drugs and alcohol, and if she does not abort the baby will be suffering. Another reason why I think it should be allowed is because even though you put your baby for adoption its just going to be harder for the baby not knowing his/her real parents when the baby grows up. Another reason that pro-life can get kind of annoying is when you don t have the money to have a baby, because it costs a lot of money in order to raise a child. I don t think people understand that you need to have a job in order to have a baby so you can support the child. A baby needs to have both parents because a baby is a lot of commitment. Also, if you put it for adoption, you never know if the baby will live happily, maybe he might get stuck in a house with no freedom. So I think that abortion should be allowed. I think that if you really care about the baby, then why make it suffer? By putting it for adoption?

In conclusion, comparing the two sides, I think that pro-choice would be a better choice in this country because of the fact that so many people do drugs and half of the married couples get divorced. Why make a child go through all this trouble when you can just choose if you want to have a baby or not. If you would not like to have a baby, I would suggest using a condom.


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