Schools Comparison Between Canada And Taiwan Schools

Schools: Comparison Between Canada And Taiwan Schools Essay, Research Paper

Schools: Comparison Between Canada and Taiwan Schools

School is the best place for people to be educated. Everyone has to go

through this stage in order to be knowledgeable, so they can be useful in

society and solve any problems they encounter. Not only they are educated for

themselves but also for their countries. Different countries have different

systems on how to teach students. Canada’s educational system is a perfect and

ideal way to ensure that students will live successful lives.

Canadian high school students study both compulsory and elective courses

together. They pursue academic studies based on the achievement of credits. In

the meantime, they take prerequisite courses that are related to their

university studies. Hence, they know the basic fundamentals before getting in

the universities. After completion of required number of credits, the

universities take their averages and determine if they are qualified for the

studies in universities that they choose. Even the students’ averages are low,

they can still go to universities that don’t require high averages. Therefore,

many students can easily study in this highest level of education. However, all

courses are mandatory in Taiwan. High school students study the same courses

together no matter what they plan to take in the universities, and thus it is

hard for them to know what they are interested in. After graduation from high

school, students have to write a major exam on all kinds of courses to achieve a

score, which determines if they are satisfied for their chosen studies in the

universities. Each year, there is a lot of failure students from getting in the

universities and they just quit and go for the jobs.

Human rights are very emphasized in Canada. Canada never has any corporal

punishment in any levels of education. At school, teachers do not use any

violence to punish students. They only warn impolite students verbally. Because

in Canada, teachers have no rights to punish their students physically, and

there not have been complaints about students get hurt in the school. But in

Taiwan, corporal punishment at school is so common that almost no students have

ever been exempted. From grade one through senior high school, the corporal

punishment exists, and teachers are allowed to carry out the process of it.

Students get punished if they do not achieve as what the teachers say to be

“standard mark” on the assignments, tests or exams. There are reports about

teachers that go beyond the proper limit by hurting the students badly, or

sexually harassing them. Teachers are charged and go to courts. This is ironic

that teachers are thought to be the most admired people in this country.

Students in Canada study in a way of comfort. They do not have much

pressure from anyone. Parents do not force their children to do over the

limitation on the children’s academic studies. In addition, school assignments

are not much everyday, but they are very important and useful to finish. Upon

completion of homework, students have leisure time; they like to have fun by

watching movies or going out for outdoor activities on weekends to relax

themselves. However, school is a very competitive place in Taiwan. It can be

described as a match between students. After school, most students take private

tutoring to supplement regular schooling in order to get into higher level of

education, for example, universities. Moreover, after they come back it is

already late in the night. Then, studying until two or three o’clock, is

something quite usual, and they only have a couple of hours to sleep because

school starts early the next day. There has been news about students that could

not stand such heavy works, and so they chose to quit it by committing suicide.

In conclusion, Canada and Taiwan have a lot of unlikeness on their academic

studies. Those three differences mentioned above are which can be pointed out.

But most importantly, Canada is a wonderful and relaxed place to study.


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