Duttons Essay Research Paper Bookstore that touches

Duttons Essay, Research Paper

Bookstore that touches my heart

United states is a very new country comparing to the

other European countries. I found my self very lonely sometimes, because there is nothing in Los Angeles that reminds me of the city that grew up in. It was very hard for me at the beginning to adjust to Los Angeles, but now I got use to it. Now new tall buildings looks like I lived here all my life and that memory of my beautiful Kiev got suppress in my heart. Assignment that I got in my English class sounded wired to me at first , but then when I entered the Dutton s I began to understand. That little store in the corner of Laurel Canyon is not just a book store, it s a piece of Europe in the middle of the valley. Dutton s is a bookstore that brings warm memories to my heart. This store not only reminded me of my former home but also brought me good memories of my childhood.

When I was a little girl I spend a lot of time with my grandparents and they had a huge library in their house. My grandma never aloud me touch old books, but if I wanted to read them I could read them only in her house. I don t know how but when I visited Dutton s it reminded me of my grandmothers house. Her house had similar brownish furniture a lot of book shelves. I also remember that I always could of found any kind of books. There were old books, new books, books that were readied so many times that they were glued together .

She had all the books lined up on the shelves , and old books hidden behind the glass, like at Dutton s. She would line them up by authors, almost like in library. Her library had some kind of the smell and I felt the same smell while I were in Duttons. It is a smell of paper mixed up with glue , I believe, but to me it was a smell of my childhood. The dim light gives a little shadows to the books and it looked very powerful to me.

Kiev have a lot of history to it, and when I was in school we use to go to the field trips. While I was in Dutton s one of those trips came to my memory. I was about 10 years old at the time. I was about to become a pioneer, and being a good student we were awarded of becoming pioneers in the museum of V.I. Lenin. Those days it was very big honor to have such privileges. When we tour around the museum we stopped at the library. His library is huge and had a lot of books from different authors from around the world. Also there were a lot of his books. But one thing that reminded me the most in the Dutton s were the pictures on the walls. Lenin s library had a lot of pictures and portraits of famous authors and people, Dutton s is also full of different portraits.

In Europe most of the building are very old and a lot of them have their own history to them. Dutton s bookstore have it s own history to, I believe. When you enter that store it s like your sole have traveled outside your body and outside the US. Most of the bookstores in Los Angeles looks like a high tech warehouses. Their huge, with couple of floors up and down, elevators, and too many people. Dutton s on the other hand is piece of history. It looks like an original books store. Book store where people come for years, where you know every one. When I was wondering around the store it also reminded me of a movie You Got Mail . Where she (Meg Rayon) was an owner of the little store Shop Around The Corner and he Tom Hangs is the owner of the huge superstore . Her store were very special to a lot of people, and his store was just a book store where no one know how to find anything.

In our lives I think it is very important to have place where you can go to relax. The place that touches our hearts , bring back good memories, and have a history of it s own. Dutton s is a bookstore that brings warm memories to my heart. When I visited Dutton s it reminded me of my childhood, of my birth town, of my former country. I think I felt right at home there. We should all keep our good memories closer to our hearts and Dutton s is the place. Now Dutton s took special place in my heart by letting me share my memories with it.


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