How To Take Care Of Your Mustang

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How to take care of your Mustang

A Mustang needs special treatment and I m here to tell you just how to go about doing it. Feel free to jot down some of these wonderful ideas and tools that I am about to tell you. Follwing these steps your garunteed to have the sweetest Stang on the block. In this segment I will teach you to take care of the interior, how to keep your engine in top notch condition, and keeping the exterior with that off the lot shine.

First of all you know that black stuff stuck in between the dash board cracks? That s not to attractive. First of all you need to break out the vacuum and get all the grime leched in there from 96`. After all the loose dirt is up extra cleaning may be required if carpet and seats are a brownish color. If this is the case than you need to rent a steam cleaner with a furniture attachment and repeat the process. An hour of drying time is required after this process. Now that the rug is done lets work on the dash board and any other vinyl you may have. First of all get a couple of towels and place them over the freshly cleaned carpet, this way if any chemicals or dirt falls then it wont leave any unwanted stains. Get a bucket and fill it with soap and water, then get a sponge that you would use for washing dishes with. Wipe down the dash board and other vinyl parts you have. After it is dry then take some Armoral and wipe down the vinly you just cleaned. This will give your car a brand new look on the inside while also protecting from the UV rays of the sun. After the trim is done then wipe off the hand prints on your windows. Now that you have cleaned the inside thoroughly lets add a little scent to the car. I preffer vanilla but you can use what ever you wish. Now lets move on to taking care of your engine. Moving right along, we head to the maintenance of your Mustang. To keep your machine in top-notch condition you must always service your car every 3,000 miles. Keeping a log on your work is a must, this way you can always tell when your next oil change is. A typical maintenance job for my car starts with definite oil change, an oil filter change, a clean or change my air filter, clean my carburetor. There are many other components that need to be serviced but servicing mileage varies from part to part. If you don t know to much on how to work on your Mustang go to your nearest auto parts store and pick up a Chilton s manual. This book can tell you how to take your whole car apart and put it all back together without leaving any springs behind. Keeping your car maintained the right way will give you the edge when it comes to the stop light drag strip.

Next we move onto washing your Mustang. This takes good time and patients to do this the right way, and get everyone s heads turning. First of all you need all the accessories; a bucket, a sponge, soap, water hose, Grease Lightning, a scrub brush, and a Budweiser. Let s get started! You ll need to get out the bucket and pour some soap in it. Then fill it with luke warm water. Then you might as well go stretch out the hose long enough to reach your car. Spray down the whole car first to get all of the excess dirt and grime off your finish. You need to then bust out with your Grease Lightning and spray your rims and wheels. Let this soak for about two minutes, then take your scrub brush and scrub your wheel and rim. Wash off the dirt, and rub off the wheel again with your sponge. Now you re ready to start on your body, start off by washing the roof of your car off first. Then wash the front window, hood and fender with your sponge. The fender might be the toughest part with all the bugs. Do the same for the sides and rear of your Mustang taking into careful consideration not to miss any spot. When your finished, take some old towels and dry the car starting with the roof working your way down to the windows, and finally drying the rest of your machine. Go inside and have a little snack to let evaporation do the rest of your work. After about 5 minutes or so get out your wax and prep you car up. Using a swirling motion will help to buff your car out. Let the wax sit for a while. While your waiting you can make your tires get that wet look by using turtle wax tire protector. Not only will it make your tires look sweet, it will also protect them from dry rotting. Now that the wheels are looking good, its time to take off your wax. The same way you put it on now with bigger strokes wipe it off, being sure to get all of the wax off. After that take some Armoral and spray it on a paper towel and wipe your plastic part where your side mirrors are and also your wiper blades. This will enhance the look even more. That s finally when you just kick back and pop open a cold one and watch your magnificent work.

If you follow my instructions on how to wash your Mustang than you will have the sweetest looking Stang on the block. If you have any other ideas on how to take care of your car then give me a call.


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