Morals Essay Research Paper World HistoryThe definition

Morals Essay, Research Paper

World HistoryThe definition of a moral is 1: of or relating to principles of right and wrong in behavior 2:expressing or teaching a conception of right behavior 3: conforming to a standard of right behavior 4: sanctioned by or operative on one’s conscience or ethical judgment 5: capable of right and wrong action. Everyone has different morals. That can be a good and bad thing at the same time. It depends on what your morals are. There is a huge difference between good and bad morals.

My morals I think are good. It is not about material things. I think I would be friends with people who are true to me than money and people who are not true to you. I think in our society people tend to think that most people have no morals. Which is kind of true. Its sad to say but some people just don t care.

On the paper we did in class I put cleanliness as number one. I chose this because I think being dirty is the worst thing to be. All great societies are clean. For my second choice I chose friendship because we have to trust people to get ahead in this society we live in. And plus I think it is important to have friends. My third choice was mature love because everyone needs it. And we have grown accustom to it. My fourth choice is a world peace because that is important to everyone because everyone is at war with each other and if we could have world peace it would save many lives. And my fifth moral I chose that was important to me is health. I chose this cause you can t live in the society with out it, you can t even live with out it. That s why I chose health.

In ten years from now I think my morals will diffidently change. I think my number one moral will be world peace because hopefully by the time I m twenty-six I will have a wife and maybe one child or two. And if we have world peace I wouldn t have to worry if they play in the backyard that someone is going to harm them or anything like that. Secondly I think would be health, because I would almost be thirty and I don t want anything happening to my wife or me. My third choice would have to be cleanliness because its important and everyone should be clean. Also we should worry about keeping our society clean. My fourth choice is mature love because in ten years from now I plan on being married and having a loving relationship with her. Finally would have to be friendship. I put this last because if you have a family that you love you tend to loose sight of friendship because your friendship will be with your family.

In Kohlberg s stages of moral development, I read all the stages. I believe that honestly I am in stage 3. I see it as the very end of stage 3. Because I do fit the age category.

In conclusion, these are my choices of what I think is important to our society, and to make our society better than what it already is.


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