Neve Cambell

’s Career Essay, Research Paper

Neve Campbell

Neve Campbell s career was a success because she danced. Neve Campbell started to dance when she was 6, following a visit the made to go and see the performance The Nutcracker . When she was in dancing school (The National Ballet school of Canada) Neve had learned 5 different types of dancing. These types include jazz, flamenco, modern, hip-hop and classical. Neve reefers to the school as being the best dance school in the world, but an extremely competitive one too . She also says that there is a lot of backstabbing mentally, with a lot of favoritism. While at her dancing stage of her life, she preformed in Sleeping Beauty , and The Nutcracker . But her dancing was soon to be put to a halt, for after various injuries and lots of competitiveness, she had a nervous breakdown and quit dancing when she was 15 years old. She also had been a model for two months but found that modeling had no satisfaction and very low. After this she turned towards the theatre for a career, since she wanted to be a performer.

Another contribution to her career was when Neve was involved in the theatre. After her quitting dancing, she had turned out to be the Degas girl in The Phantom of the Opera . She preformed at the Pantages theatre in Toronto. Neve had preformed in over 800 shows when she was done in The Phantom of the Opera Neve says she likes the theatre because she gets an automatic response from the audience. It was this part of her career that Neve found the love of acting, not only on a stage but to reach higher in her career and be a movie star.

Neve s career as a movie star was just the beginning of her debut on television. Neve Campbell appeared in the NBC movie I know my son is alive . She also played Daisy in the television series Catwalk . But Neve Cambell s television career is most well known for her performances in Party of Five , as Julia Slalinger. This show won an Emmy for best show in 1995. Neve made appearances on Kids in the hall , kung-fu , and Are you afraid of the dark? . She has also starred in films such as Paint cans , Web of deceit , The dark , Baree , and Canterville Ghost . The movies that Neve has been most known for are Scream 1 , Scream 2 , Scream 3 , Wild Things , and Hair shirt . The scream trilogy is about a psycho killer out to get Sydney (Neve Campbell) and her friends. Wild Things is about a long line of connections with people to get some money. In Hairshirt Neve co-stars with her brother Christian, and Katie Wright.

Neve has also been on many talk shows as well. She has been late night with Conan O Brian (NBC: Dec 20, 1996), The late show with David Letterman, The tonight show with Jay Leno (Dec 5, Dec 23 1997/ Mar 13 1998/Oct 13 1999), and The Rosie O Donnel show (Feb 18, 1998).

In conclusion, Neve Campbell s career has been successful because of 3 things. She has been a dancer, which gave her a sense of competition, how to dance; it has also taught her a lesson about putting too much pressure on herself. The theatre gave her a sense of what it was to be like an actor, a different type of performer. She needed to express herself in emotions and words, not through her body. The theatre also gave her some connections with the movie business. The final stage of Neve s career was important too. It taught her one important thing mostly, she says Things have happened quickly for me and they can stop as quickly as they started. But right now . . . I feel wonderful. Neve Campbell s career has been a successful one but as she said, It can stop as quickly as it has started .


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