Beetles Influence On Modern Rock Essay Research

Beetles Influence On Modern Rock Essay, Research Paper

Although they may consciously avoid the comparison, today’s modern rock groups certainly were in some way, big or small, influenced by the clean cut, fashion stated boys from Liverpool. The Beatles, started their musical debut in 1958. Four of the most popular educated musicians alive, taken a inevitable fondness to dressing and looking the same, had a notable impact on today’s and even yesterdays society. The Beatles had accomplished so much, that as more years and musical groups went by, it was hard for the next generation not to reproduce part of what had already been completed, some more successfully done than others. “The Beatles became a rock phenomenon – the first rock group, and perhaps the only, to ever have bridged the generation gap.”(Steve and Merill 23). Another authors theory emphasizes the principal that the Beatles popularity was “hard to imagine that a group could come so far in two or three years, but it must be understood that it was a worldwide group just three years after it had reached some prominence in its own city”(Charles T. Brown 91). Furthermore, the Beatles overall image was simulated by some of today’s popular rock or pop groups. Elvis, Little Richie and yes even the Rolling Stones were what the Beatles had adopted ideas from. Even a more diverse selection is accountable now a days but as stated, many groups have learned and used their skills. Groups such as Oasis, Sloan and even the hip-hop Back Street Boys have not only achieved to have that groupie look but their sound (it may not seem like it), said by many, has defiantly significant characteristics similar to the band from the 60’s. If you’ve ever heard Oasis, this band is composed of all males, mostly looking a lot like the mop top Beatles. Being from England, having the same hair styles and clothing image it might seem like Oasis was trying reproduce their form. It might be just a coincidence but then again in 1993 Oasis had changed their drummer, just three years into their musical business that goes for the Beatles as well but it was in 1962, five years after trading Peter Best for the more popular Ringo Starr. The Beatles started out slow, as many groups do and kept their songs as simple, as progressing in popularity so did the complexity of songs. The Beatles songs titles seemed to be very simple, but they meant what they said. Oasis’ song titles are also uncomplicated and their songs have a lot to do with the title, just like the

Beatles. Again just like the genuine boys from the west coast of England. Sloan was another group that had similar characteristics, their physical image was almost up to par. Their hair was short and lay flat on their heads as well, their music was of the same pitch, which was probably a reason for making them not as spunky as the undefeated Beatles. The Back Street Boys, the most recent groups, have the least visible interaction with the Beatles. There style seems to be more “in” and unique. The seem to use an different style of music. Then again who says the Back Street Boys are nothing like the Beatles. They also seemed to have both attracted wild audiences. Performing all around the world and many various occasions Back Street Mania had millions of American youth and adults alike are screaming their heads off. Beatlemania also existed but to a much greater extent. People would literally die just to meet one of the group members. Their ways of writing songs are also much alike. A lot of the songs were about feelings, relationships, the opposite sex, and some came from poetry. Charles T. Brown had an interesting opinion on the Beatles songs, he said, “That the Beatles considered more subjects in their songs. It can be confirmed by looking at some of the song titles. Also the albums of this era began to show some continuity. There was a logic, albeit a loose one, in the way songs were placed on the albums, and there was constancy in the kinds of sounds.”(85). The English crew not only has an effect on modern times but in the past times, for instance the Silverbeats and the Deltones. Both these groups came after the Beatles. Not coming from England, sounding anything like them, or looking like them but still being accused for music plagiarism, by mostly the Beatles fans of course. Just for coming out at the same time, being men and a group was probably unthinkable for many other bands, even when they weren’t in the same country. There were a lot of controversy and fads going back to the time of Beatlemania, lunch boxes, posters, record albums, stickers, concert tickets, you name it, it was “cool”. Even some other rock groups were fans of the Beatles. I believe it was Ray Charles that said, “The Beatles have a certain grace that I find appealing” (Lewisohn 99). John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr were the four legendary men who were responsible for starting the forgetless trends of rebelling teenagers, music styles, clothes styles (back then the fad was a colorless suit), hairstyles and most of all a certain kind of Beatles sway that will never be forgot. It was their one single band that inspired probably hundreds of other bands and many of them successful, to use a certain technique to become popular and very interesting.


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