Cinderella Essay Research Paper The folk tale

Cinderella Essay, Research Paper

The folk tale, Cinderella by Brothers Grimm, is a good example of how some families function, both in a positive and negative way. It shows how there are more negative aspects of the family that sometimes can t be seen by outsiders, and how there is usually always a controlling parent in the family. Hopefully, the controlling parent isn t like the stepmother in the story in which she controlled everything, and the dad didn t care or was too blind to see what was happening. It also showed how people, in this case the stepmother and stepsisters, are sometimes never satisfied with what they have and are always wanting more. This is what some call greed, which can lead to the downfall of people who only have one mindset, the need to become wealthier. There s nothing wrong with trying to become wealthier, but the evilness in the stepmother, and stepsisters hearts, lead them to pursue it in the wrong way. With so many negatives there are always a few positives in the mix. Like Cinderella, she tries to live happily not caring about being wealthy or not. People who will do anything to become wealthier, and are never satisfied with what they have, will have even less in the end, while others who live graciously, will receive more than they could imagine.

When the stepmother married Cinderella s father, she and her two daughters became wealthy instantly, but to them it still wasn t enough. They might have thought that Cinderella had a part of her father s fortune, if there was a stash for her, so they decided to strip her of everything, They took away her beautiful clothes, dressed her in a gray smock, and gave her wooden shoes (183). This was an attempt to take away her dignity, to maybe force her out of the house so that if she had part of the fortune it would be no more. Why would they even consider that Cinderella would take away wealth from the stepsisters when they got anything they asked for, So he bought beautiful dresses, pearls, and jewels for the two stepsisters (184). They already had everything they could wish for, living the good life, yet they wanted to see Cinderella miserable, so maybe this way, they can feel like they have more. Many times when people want more they become a little paranoid and thinks that another person has a bigger share of the fortune that they are entitled to. This can lead to the tearing up of a family, which in this case, might have been better for Cinderella.

Everyone has probably heard the saying, money doesn t bring people happiness, but in the story, the wealthier the stepmother and stepsisters became, and hoped they would become, the happier they seem to be. The stepsisters were not satisfied with just being rich, they wanted to be supremely rich. When they heard that the king had decided to sponsor a three-day festival, and all the beautiful girls in the country were invited so that his son could choose a bride (184), they jumped at the opportunity to meet, and hopefully, marry the prince. They were filled with even more joy when they found out that they could become wealthier than they already were. The stepmother was also happy for her daughters and for herself. She would be the mother of the child that is married to the prince. What they were all hoping for was even a better life, even though they had a pleasing life already, and they only believed that becoming wealthier would make it happen.

The stepmother and stepsisters were not going to let any obstacle stop them from marrying the prince. When the prince found the golden shoe, and who ever fitted that shoe would become his wife, the stepmother came up with wicked plans in getting one of her daughter s foot into that shoe no matter what it took. She tricked her daughters in into believing that with wealth a person won t need physical ability, and told her first daughter, Cut your toe off. Once you become queen, you won t have to walk anymore (187), and when the prince wasn t fooled by her first daughter, she told the second daughter, Cut off a piece of your heel. Once you become queen, you won t have to walk anymore (187). How dumb does the stepmother take the prince to be and how stupid were the sisters? Blood was even coming from the shoe, and obviously, anyone would have known something was wrong. No matter if it was pain the stepsisters had to endure, they still went through with the procedure to get the wealth of the prince. Unfortunately for the stepsisters, the prince wasn t as idiotic as they were, and could see when a person s foot doesn t fit the slipper. It goes to show that some people s willingness to become wealthier.

Cinderella was completely the opposite of her stepmother and stepsisters, for she was the positive side of her family, and didn t care much for wealth. Even though her mother was dead, she kept on going back to see her more than one time a day. How many of us can even say we go see anyone who is deceased once a month or so? Cinderella could have had anything from her father but she asked her father, Just break off the first twig that brushes against your hat on your way home and bring it to me (184). This wasn t even for herself because she planted it by her mother s grave. She wasn t a person that was pursuing wealth, but instead, she was pursuing happiness. Her goodness brought her everything that she needed, like being given beautiful clothing so that she could go to the ball. Good always triumphs over evil. The last person on earth that the evil stepsisters would expect to win over the prince was Cinderella and her kind heart. The stepsisters started out with everything like beauty and wealth, but ended up with part of their foot missing and becoming blind. What is wealth good for if you can t see it to enjoy it?

No good comes from evil hearted people. People have to be happy with what they are given and not always in a state of wanting. If people want to become wealthier, they should do so by having a gentle heart and not hurting others on the way to becoming wealthier. But giving is still much more enjoyable then receiving, and goodness from inside will pay off in the long run, hopefully. Some people that have already realized that they have been given so much already, are thankful, and more at peace with themselves. They aren t as angry all the time, which is a good thing to living a long prosperous life. Wealth can change a person, but depending on the person, wealth can make them either a better or worse person. They might be wealthy already, but to them, it isn t wealthy enough compared to others, so this continues to leave them in a state of wanting more of this and that. There comes a point in life that we have to be satisfied for what we are given, but for most people, this will never happen, and they will always continue to want more.


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