Tactics 2 Essay Research Paper Tactics are

Tactics 2 Essay, Research Paper

Tactics are used in a way so that one country can be triumphal over another country or surrounding city-states. Throughout time many different tactics have been used in battles and wars. Each different country needs a different plan of attack. A leader must look at what a country s weaknesses and strengths are and decide from there. The tactics that our group had were very similar to what had happened in the start of the Roman Empire.

The building up of alliances is very important in that it helps build manpower for your armies. Rome slowly began to build up their alliances by offering citizenship to the surrounding Latin cities. However, with the citizenship came responsibility. Taxes were used on the citizens of Tome to help build up the government and armies. By building up their alliances, Rome could conquer more land and become stronger. Our group also used the tactic of alliances. We chose to build up an alliance with Beechead. We figured that we would be able to use their ports for trade and imports. Therefore we have gained manpower and new trading ports.

After we had gained manpower and new trading ports we were ready to move up north. By doing this we would run into the barbarians. Instead of fighting we would hire them for work. We would then be paying them for their services. Using this tactic helps us in many ways. We have gained more men and men that are going to help us in wars. Also using the paying tactic was used in Rome. Since Rome needed more men in their army, the decided to pay off their citizens. They gave them food shelter, and some money to survive. In trade, the citizens were responsible for helping out in their army. This tactic is very useful in many war like situations.

Brutal war was also used by both of us. Rome used this tactic when they knew that they could conquer the city. If Rome was not able to conquer the city, they would find a different tactic. For example, Rome knew that they could conquer Spain (Gaul) therefore they used the tactic of brutal war. In our group we knew that with our alliances we could conquer Malusma. With the knowledge that we, the country of Feerdurman, could win. This is a tactic that should be thought of carefully before taking action.

In conclusion, our group used many of the same tactics that Rome did. Alliances are needed and are useful in building up manpower. If extra manpower is needed, a country could hire their alliances as extra men in their armies. These larger armies are needed for the brutal wars that may occur. These tactics are very important in conquering other countries and expanding your borders.


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