China Essay Research Paper Population

China Essay, Research Paper


China is the third-largest country in the world. The

population of China is 1222,017,000 and growing.

Because of this enormous population the government offers

jobs to those families who only have one child. If a

government employee choice?s to have more then one

child, they will loose their job. This is to try to encourage

people to be responsible and to try to keep the population



In the northern part of China temperatures can reach

down to 13oF in the winter, and the summer temperatures

can range between 60oF and 80oF. In the central provinces

of China temperatures are milder with an average of 80oF

in the summer and 30oF in the winter. The desert

temperatures can get to be 100oF in the summer, and 15oF

in the winter.

China?s rainy season is between the months of May and

October. Between these months in the Northern part of

China at least 20 to 40 inches of rain will fall . In the

Southern part of China at least 80 to 120 inches will fall.

In the desert parts of China there is only 6 to 10 inches of

rain a year.


Most of China?s population gets around on bicycles or by

foot. This is because most China?s population can not

afford to own a car. Roads outside the cities are not very

good. In the cities the streets are very crowded there are a

lot of taxies . The Chinese do not get around on boats very

much. Most boating activity involves food and other

important products. There is air transpiration between the

larger cities but many smaller cities do not have airports.


The Chinese speck Mandarin Chinese there secondary

languages are Shanghai, Canton, Fukien, Hakka-dialects,

Tibetan, Vigus (Turkic).

The Chinese religions are Confucianist, Buddhist, taoist.


The Chinese people have it hard, because there is not

enough money to pay for a school house or text books or

pens or pencils and so on. The most important thing is

there is not enough money to pay for a teachers. Only if

you live in a city or a very large town will you have a

proper education.


There are not many sports that the Chinese play, but some

that they do play are soccer, badminton, and they also enjoy


The biggest tourist attraction in China is the ?Great

Wall?. The Great Wall is 2,500 years old. It was over

6,000 miles long at one point, but because of vandalism

and erosion it?s size has reduced to 3,750 miles long.

Another big tourist attraction is the Forbidden city in the

capital city of Beijing.

Major cities

China?s capital city is Beijing it?s three main cities are

Shanghai, Tianjin, Shenyang.


China manufactures a lot of stuff such as all sorts of jade

ordamites and julery, also movie muchendise, and many

many more things such as toys and hair brushes and so on.

Standard of living

The Chinese have are separated into two groups poor and

rich. The poor live in the country and the rich live in the



The poor are referred to as peasants and they are

considered less important than the rich. They are lucky it

the electricity, and are considered well off if they have a

phone, TV, or refigaratore. They generally live like you

and I. The rich take pride in there statues and buildings

because they are a reminder of the ancient times. The poor

pride them selves on there house hold.


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