Joy In The Morning Essay Research Paper

Joy In The Morning Essay, Research Paper

The book by Betty Smith, Joy In The Morning, was a sweet love story, set during

the era of 1927. The two main characters were Carl and Annie Brown. Their love for

each other helped them through the hardships during their early marriage. Carl Brown

was a man, who struggled to finish college, because of the added burden of a wife. As a

result; Carl and Annie had to work, for Carl to complete his college education. Carl

made certain sacrifices for Annie and she was willing to make sacrifices for him.

Because of her hardships as a child, she was matured mentally beyond her age. Carl

and Annie accepted each other and their new surroundings.

Carl would have given up his goal to become a lawyer, because of his love for

Annie. He had to prove to many different people that he could handle both a job and a

wife. He worked very hard on his studies at college and he took on more than one job

so that he could support himself and Annie. He was able to persevere through all the

trials and the problems that they had encountered together.

Annie had great strength of character, for she was able to stand up to Carl whenever

she felt he was wrong. She wanted to attend college and become a writer. Annie had

not finished high school, yet she did not let that stop her thirst for knowledge. She

was open-minded when she would meet new people; as a result, she made friends easily.

Yet with all the problems that were thrown at them, they were always able to solve

the problems together. Carl and Annie?s finances were a challenge to them, and Annie

did work for a little while to help Carl. Just the necessities of life like food, shelter, and

clothing was tough for them. Annie becoming pregnant did not help out the situation

either, but they did managed to handle that also.

Even though Carl and Annie?s families were not happy about their marriage,

their love for each other helped them face that obstacle and many others that followed.

They accepted and respected each other?s differences. Carl or Annie would help cheer

each other, when one of them was unhappy. Both of them gave encouragement to each

other, whenever they needed it. They had struggles in their marriage, but they still stayed

focus on their goals in life. They had joys too, for example, the celebrating of holidays

together. Both hoped that one day their dreams would become a reality. Carl and

Annie?s joy in the morning came at the birth of their son, and Carl finishing college, and

finding a job. Consequently, the play Annie wrote, The Marriage while she was in

college, was published in a book completing their happiness.


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