Life And Times In The 60

′S Essay, Research Paper

Advances in technology have brought on many changes, These include. Color televisions, in the fifties there were only black and white televisions. Also typewriters have been replaced with computers and word processors, furthermore the invention of mobile telephones, and telephones has a made a major difference in communications. Another major change in communications and business is the invention of the Internet. Other major technological differences between the 1950s and 1990s are knew and advanced medical advances, such as laser surgery, and vaccinations from certain illnesses and diseases.

Although there are many differences between technology in the fifties and nineties there are still a few similarities such as, the fact that we still use ball point pens and electric lawn mowers, listen to the radio, and watch films.

Thus it is clear, that many things have changed form

the 1950s to the 1990s. Some of the main changes have been advances in technology such as medical advances like laser surgery and vaccinations. Also the invention of the Internet. Along with changes in family roles such as more women being educated and independent, and men taking up jobs such as secretaries flight attendants. However, despite this other aspects of life such as entertainment are very similar.

The 1950s was representative of a time of much social, political, and economic change. Following the depression era, a war, presidents who believed strongly in affirmative government and vigorous action, Americans were ready for change, ready to have relative prosperity and familiy togetherness. However, during this time, America?s involvement with many things would prove that this was not true, that America was not conforming with what the public had wanted, and had not been complacent in terms of the United States being content with its position in the world, hence the action it took. Although Americans desired to build on their lifes for themselves and for their families, the atmosphere in America was not one of conformity and complacency. In fact, there was much conflict and disagreement during this time that was not isolated. The conflict and disagreement of the 1950s came in the form of national and international issues.


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