Commitments Essay Research Paper A man stands

Commitments Essay, Research Paper

A man stands in front of a priest, turns and looks into the eyes of a woman and says, I do. The woman now turns and repeats the same sacred words. On hearing this, the priest pronounces the two, husband and wife, and declares, What God has put together let no man put apart. Marriage is perhaps the most obvious commitment two people can make, and for some, one of the most sacred. When one has made a commitment, it is their obligation to commit the action they are bound to perform and if necessary, continue it. Breaking a commitment not only impedes on the immediate persons involved in the vow, but our very selves. Although these commitments can take many forms, their ground rules stay the same.

Most commonly associated with commitments are relationships. Marriage, mentioned earlier, is a vow joining two in holy matrimony and feared by men throughout the world. Their commitment is laid out in the vows they partook in during the ceremony. Do you promise to love, honor, cherish and protect her, forsaking all others and holding only unto her These words bind them for life and die only when they do, or perform a divorce. In any way, this commitment is meant to be a lifetime commitment, although this rarely holds true even in other lifetime commitments.

In terms of life long commitments, we must not overlook the cultures and religions that sculpt our lives. Whether it is our grandparents heritage brought down from the old country, or the faith in which we ve devoted our lives; these commitments secure our lives and give us substance. In times we may feel as though we have no control over these devotions, but we are all writers of our own destiny. If we neglect the gift of choice in our lives we will become meaningless and drift endlessly in a guideless wind. Truly these decisions govern the outcomes of impending decisions. Moreover, what other commitments exist that we hold ourselves to?

These steps aren t taken right away. It takes years to develop the skills needed to act maturely in such commitments. When a child takes on the responsibility to care for puppy, he commits himself to care for that animal, no matter what the circumstance. He then learns that being committed to and being responsible for something is a serious task. Likewise, he can now utilize these new experiences and act wisely by applying them to other commitments. Commitments, though, are incredibly diverse.

Mortgage agreements are another example of the type of commitments one can partake. At Mortgage Commitments INC, they are committed to providing the most proficient and cost-effective mortgage services that can be found in the New York metropolitan market place. ( According to the dictionary, commitments are also considered financial agreements. This promise insures the customer of their financial transaction s reliability and devotion to the opposing party. These agreements are contrary to those that are bound by word of honor. The preceding commitments were continued due to the sheer will of the parties involved in the agreement. However, in mortgage commitments, the agreement is bound by contract on paper. This undeviating contract gives the commitment material embodiment.

Life and death can be considered a commitment. Taking out the garbage, brushing your teeth, writing a novel, hunting a whale, all these are considered to be commitments. Although their weighted value may differ, especially when one s personal value is placed, the essentials stay and can be accounted. Yet, how can we realize when we ve committed ourselves to an action?

Obliging ourselves to commit any small task or deed no matter how insignificant or grand can be considered a commitment. Whether inscribed upon a contract or by one s lips, the rules are consistent, and the damage incurred remains the same. We may at times take on a collage of commitments giving us character and diversity. With this, we may be able to place appraisal on what we truly value, and we will be able to strip the commitments to their basic structure, and observe that they are all but the synonymous devotions we ourselves have complicated to make sense of our lives.


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