Cloning Essay Research Paper When Dr Ian

Cloning Essay, Research Paper

When Dr. Ian Wilmut created Dolly, a fully formed life from another sheep’s cell, it generated many different questions around the world. Among these topics is the heated questions of whether or not humans should be cloned. With the new technology called “human cloning,” we are trying to find a way so that it would be beneficial to society. Many people are “pro-cloning,” arguing that it would benefit humankind in medical and science fields. However, for those who are “anti-cloning,” the argument of the pro-cloning group is seen as short sighted. It seems that the pro-cloning group has not thought through all of the consequences that could occur. The benefits of cloning are unclear; moreover, the negative effects of cloning seem to be much more vivid. As technology increases around the world, war seems to be inevitable. Cloning in the hands of military leaders could be devastating as they could create an army of evil clones. Who would these cloned humans belong to? Also, in Christian view points, humans are not to play the role of God. Cloning humans goes strictly against what the Bible teaches, because God alone is the creator of life. Cloning might seem to be beneficial at first, but long term it only has negative effects and should be altogether banned from this world.

One part of cloning that the pro-cloning group seems to have overlooked is who would these cloned people belong to; and do we have the right to use them in any way, even killing them for other REAL humans? We must ask ourselves how they are going to be treated and fed. They are another living form that needs to be nourished, taught, and disciplined. The big questions is, “Who will do the cloning?” Would the government be responsible? The donator of the DNA? If they are created for medical uses such as the transplant of organs for terminal patients, what about the rest of the body? Do we just kill the cloned human? As shown, the cloning of human beings would create a lot of stress in society and also many questions to be answered. It would certainly be much better if we just ban the cloning of humans.

Another very important question is, “who is going to monitor and give security for cloning?” If governments are to do it, how are they going to do it? Cloning parts of organs for medical use will only delay human cloning but not stop it. As some people start to understand how the organs are cloned, they will soon find out how to clone the whole human, and it wouldn’t be long before a cloned person is introduced to the world. Would the cloned people considered equal to genuine humans? When cloning becomes successful, there is high possibility that the Frankenstein story might become a reality. Frankenstein, after being created, was at first despised and hated, and like this, the cloned humans could be hated and despised, creating a new era of racism. Probably the worst part would be when these cloned humans turn against real humans, just like Frankenstein did to his creator, or if someone used them to gain dominance over the world. They could clone humans by the millions, and start another World War, possibly ending the whole human race as nuclear bombs are used in the last desperate attempt from various countries. Instead of creating this technology and worrying about it, we should not permit this technology at all for the sake of the whole human race.

Probably the strongest argument against the pro-cloning movement would be to ask them how God would feel about this event The Bible clearly teaches how humans were created. We were created in God’s image, and are special and loved by God. It is, in essence, God’s job to create new life. If we start to clone humans, we would be acting like God and going against the almighty God’s will and what we were meant to do. The Bible clearly teaches that humans should not do something abnormal in the eyes of God. Therefore, God despises cloning since creating a new life was not something that God intended for us to do. The cloning of humans would be an act of defying the almighty God and punishment will surely follow. From an ethical stand point, it is clear that the cloning of humans is wrong and should be banned.

Despite the pro-cloning movement’s claim that cloning would benefit human kind, no solid support or argument has been made for continuing to discover the secret of cloning humans. On the other hand, the anti-cloning side has strong and clear arguments that the cloning of humans possesses many dangers. Therefore, the cloning of a human being, even the organs to save patients, should not be developed but forever banned from human minds. We must stop this madness of becoming god or else we will be exterminated either by war or wrath of God. What do you want to happen?


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