Storm By Kate Chopin Essay Research Paper

Storm By Kate Chopin Essay, Research Paper

"The Storm" by Kate Chopin is a great literary example of the use of

setting. Chopin uses setting to not only influence the reader?s senses, but

also, to illustrate the actions and feelings of her characters. Chopin uses a

great choice of short descriptive words to describe her setting such as: "[W]hile

the storm burst. It shook the wooden store and seemed to be ripping great

furrows in the distant field" (Chopin, 96), and "The rain beat on the

low, shingled roof with a force and clatter that threatened to break an entrance

and deluge them there" (96), to thrust the reader into the sense of being

in the storm that is baring down on her characters. The description of her

setting also helps to make the characters actions and feelings more powerful and

exciting to the reader than if the story had taken place in a different setting.

Chopin?s choice of setting also coincides with the actions and feelings of her

characters. In the depths of the raging storm the characters Alcee and

Calixta?s passion is as sudden and intense as the storm itself. Chopin

describes the lovers? passion within the storm, "They did not heed the

crashing torrents, and the roar of the elements made her laugh as she lay in his

arms" (97). Even as the storm was intense, as was the lovers? passion so

as the storm begins to tire itself out so do the lovers. "The growl of the

thunder was distant and passing away. The rain beat softly on the shingles,

inviting them to drowsiness and sleep." (98) As the storm ends and the land

is renewed, "The rain was over and the sun was turning the glistening green

world into a place of gems" (98), so it seems is the characters?

relationships. It is as if the storm has a profound effect on the characters

that make them appreciate those around them whom they love. Expecting his wife

to be worried and angry, Bobinot expects to find his wife to be ready to explode

when he and his son arrive home. However, "Bobinot?s explanations and

apologies which he had been composing all along the way, died on his lips as

Calixta felt him to see if he was dry, and seem to express nothing but

satisfaction at their safe return" (98). Not only did the storm and sudden

passion effect Calixta it also effected Alcee: "Alcee Laballiere wrote his

wife, Clarisse, that night. It was a loving letter full of tender solicitude. He

told her not to hurry back, but if her and the babies liked it in Biloxi, to

stay a month longer. He was getting on nicely; and though he missed them, he was

willing to bear separation a while longer– realizing that their health and

pleasure were the first things to be considered" (99).

Kate Chopin. "The Storm". Literature: An Introduction to Fiction,

Poetry, and Drama. Ed. X.J. Kennedy and Dana Gioia. 7th ed. New York. Longman.

1999. Pages 95-99


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