The Chronicles Of Narnia Book Report Essay

The Chronicles Of Narnia: Book Report Essay, Research Paper

The Chronicles of Narnia: Book Report

Digory and Polly were good friends. They both lived in England for all of

their lives. One day they were playing when Polly wanted to show Digory her

secret place. It was up in her attic. She hid many things there. She hid

fruits and snacks to eat and a lot of other stuff to.

Digory noticed a door across the attic. Back then the houses were

connected together and they thought that if they would cross the rafters and

open the door they could sneak into a house and the next and so on. The reason

for all of this was that one of the houses down a ways was abandon.

So they started off, one rafter at a time. They had to remain extremely

silent for if someone would here them they would think it was a robber. They

opened the door and began the next house. After a while they came to the one

that they thought was abandoned, but after they opened the door and saw all the

books they knew that they were wrong.

They were in the forbidden study. That was uncle Andrews private room.

It seemed as if no one was in the room, so they decided to look around. Polly

noticed that there were several different types of rings on the table.

Suddenly Digory saw someone stand up from the chair, it was uncle Andrew.

He told Polly not to touch the rings, but it was to late. She disappeared into

the air. Digory was confused. He wondered what the rings did. Did Polly just

disappear or did she go to some distant land? Uncle Andrew explained how that

one ring would take you to this land and that the other one would bring you back.

Uncle Andrew was not sure that it worked yet because the only things that

entered before were guinea pigs.

Digory put two rings in each pocket with gloves(so he would not

disappear). Two were for Polly and two for him. He put the disappear ring and

felt funny as he went speedy to the new land. It felt as if he was swimming.

He swam upward to see where the water went. He came out of the water and saw a

beautiful forest. He noticed guinea pigs and far away a girl leaning against a


They noticed that there were many other puddles of water like the ones

they came out of all over the woods. They were going to explore the other

puddles, but wanted to make sure they could get back first. They went over onto

puddle, but it was shallow. They realized that they did not put the home rings

on. So they put them on at the same time and felt the water rushing along them.

Digory shouted switch and they put the home rings in their pocket and switched.

When they got up they remembered that they all were so identical that if

they would go down another one they would get lost. That is when they decided

to mark their spot. Then they found a puddle to leap into. They put their

rings on and began their journey. This time it was different, so many abandoned

buildings and things like that.

They decided to go into one of them and went into one of the rooms.

There were statues of people. There must have been at least a dozen of them.

On the table there was a bell and it said ring if you dare. So of course Digory

wanted to ring it, but Polly was somewhat afraid too. Digory did it anyway.

The room shook and rattled the noise was unbearable. It felt as if the whole

building was going to collapse.

Suddenly it all stopped, the statues had come to life. One of the women

was the queen. Her name was Jadias. She was very tall and beautiful, she could

get pretty darn greedy. Her powers were amazing. She could open a gate with a

tap of her finger. She showed us the lands that she had conquered. She wanted

to see our because she had never been there before. They did not want her to

rule our earth because she would make everyone her slaves and treat them like


They tried to ditch her when we went back to the woods, but she had hung

on to Polly and tagged along. Digory had never new that a person could be

touching the one with the ring. Jadias acted as if she was die when she entered

the forest. They did not bother seeing if she was lying or not they just kept

on going.

Whoosh, was the noise they had heard as they headed home. This time

Jadias had grabbed on to Digory. It was to late, there was nothing that they

could do. As they entered the study they saw Uncle Andrew. Jadias treated him

as a slave. She said that if Uncle Andrew would sit down he would feel as if he

is on fire and if he would lie down he would freeze. Jadias did not realize

that her powers did not work. She ordered Uncle Andrew to transport them to the

leader of this great place. So, he called a cab.

While she was ordering people around Polly had to go home and face the

consequences. Her mom and dad were so confused of why she was so wet. She told

them that she went to a park of which they never have seen with Digory and were

jumping in puddles and fountains. They grounded her and told her not to play

with Digory anymore.

Meanwhile back at Digory’s house Uncle Andrew was in his room dressing

up and drinking alcoholic drinks. Shortly after that they left. Now it was up

to Digory to think of a plan. He thought up an idea. It was to simply put on

the ring when she would enter the house. This meant that he would have to wait

by the window watching and watching until she would arrive. It seemed like

forever, but finally arrived. Things got pretty bad, the police were there and

everything. Just so you know the cabs in England back then were horse drawn.

The horse was going wild and everything.

Digory headed outside to get Jadias. That is when he saw Polly. She

helped him get Jadias. The first time she kicked away and then it worked, well

kind of. Well, all the people that came along were the cabby, strawberry his

horse, Jadias, uncle, Digory, and Polly. We came out of the puddle and the

queen was mad.

Uncle Andrew told Digory to use the ring and the queen realized that the

ring did the magic. That was when Digory protected his pockets. While the

horse was drinking water the all (including Jadias)grabbed on to it and Digory

used the ring and they entered the land. At first it was pitch black, but after

a while they could see that there was a lion singing there. Jadias seemed to

have disappeared. Strawberry was the first to start to follow the lion.

They started to see that there were other animals and that they were

listening to the lion. They saw a piece of a lamp grow into a beautiful tree.

Thoughts like that brought hope of his ill mother life. The lion did not know

that Uncle Andrew was the same as the others and thought he was a tree. They

buried his feet in the ground and the elephants poured water over him hoping

that he would grow.

The lion wanted the cabby to be the king of the land and his wife to be the

queen. So Digory fetched his wife and they made a crown out of a gold tree

(probably Uncle Andrew’s ring). It was perfect. The lion told Digory that he

needed to go on a journey to get an apple off of some tree that was very far

away. He would have to over mountains and everything.

The lion pointed at the horse. He asked it if she would like to be able

to fly. The horse replied yes! Lion said then your new name will be Fledge.

Digory you will ride on him. Digory brought Polly along on the journey. They

flew for about a day so far and decided to take a rest. They woke up to a giant

toffee tree which had fallen out of Polly’s pocket. The fruit tasted kind of

like toffee but not quite as good. From where they were Digory could see the

garden of which the tree was in. Unfortunately it was over a big wall which

Digory climbed over. He decided to get two apples.

After he picked the apples he saw a bird in the tree. Then not far from

him he saw the witch. She was eating an apple from the tree. She was telling

Digory about the wonders of the apple. She told him that one bite would let you

live forever. Digory was not so sure. He took off running toward Polly and

Fledge. He shouted get ready to leave. Just before Digory got on the witch

said do not let the lion have immortal life when you can. At that time Digory

was not sure what he was doing was right.

They took off to Narnia which is the land of where the lion lives. The

lion told them to throw it towards the mud. Digory did and it grew into a

beautiful tree. The lion told him how the tree would protect them from the

witch. Digory mentioned that she ate an apple. Then the lion thought for a

while and said she will spend the rest of her days practicing her magic and will

leave us alone.

Digory, Polly, and Uncle Andrew went home. Digory still had one apple left

from the tree that he planted in Narnia and he gave it to his poor old mom. The

next day Digory heard the doctor saying that it was a miracle. Digory planted

the core in the back yard. It grew very big, but the apples did not have any

powers at all. When Digory was older and the tree was knocked down he had it

made into a table or something that had magical powers.


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