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Hitler Essay, Research Paper

Hitler Response

I think that the American propaganda differs from the German propaganda because it allows people to be more open-minded and choose a side more freely. German Propaganda doesn t allow people to make a free choice. It is a forced choice the put upon the people.

Hitler may think that certain people do not deserve freedom, however who is he to say that? He s not god, at least not mine. Everyone deserves freedom, but no one is ever truly free. People spend their lives setting up these boundaries; not realizing that they are putting limits on their freedom. How can one be truly free if boundaries are put up? The only place where there are no boundaries is in the air. That is the only place where any living thing can be free. So what are we all going to do, live in the air? Nobody has the right to own someone else, much less put a price on someone s worth. What he doesn t understand is wars don t allow people to be free. So until people stop fighting and begin working together as a whole, the world will never be free.

His whole idea of propaganda is treating people like they are stupid, and people being dumb enough to believe him. The economic position at the time was ripe because it was during the dperession and the people saw Hitler as hope. He made them see him that way. They had no real choice. If you want people to side with you you have to talk to them as your equal. No small words, no big words. People are not stupid or ignorant. They want someone who understands them and will listen to them. What Hitler did was instilled fear in the people which made them side to him. You earn respect, you instill fear. He gave them empty hopes. All these hopes and dreams about freedom he handed to people were all empty. They didn t need him. But he made them believe they did need him. Which proves that they were truly stupid. Hitler thought for the people. They didn t have minds of their own. He made their choices for them.

Race is just race. It s not who a person is on the inside. All it is an appearance. If someone wears a particular article of clothing, is black or white, has tattoos, etc, it depicts how others perceive them as and is usually enough for most feeble-minded people to say whom that person is. We all essentially come from the same place. No one descended on a special float or anything that would make them any better than any one else. So race is just the color of a person s skin, nothing more, nothing less. Perhaps it is what people see that makes them blind.


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