Cloning Is It Right Essay Research Paper

Cloning. Is It Right? Essay, Research Paper

Is Cloning Morally Right? We always hear of scientists and mathematicians who discover new things that average people like ourselves are baffled by, but to a certain extent we have to be able to determine what is morally right or wrong for that matter. There are many questions in this field that require our attention. Such as: Are human embryos classified as people? Is it right to clone animals? We cannot be ignorant of what happens in the world around us but we don’t have to always participate in it. Since these discoveries, scientists are able to play the role of “God” in having enough power to create the same being over again. How can stealing Gods job be morally right? However, many biologists believe that they must do this for the good of human kind and for the improvement of society, this perhaps could even be a moral obligation in their eyes. To this end the techniques of embryonic cloning and alteration have been offered to society as an option for the improvement of humanity. Doctors hope that by being able to study the multiple embryos developed through cloning, they can determine the causes of spontaneous abortions. So there are people in our society that are trying to make a difference through these studies, but how many peoples lives have to be altered or changed forever to complete this? Does this make it right? Do innocent people have to suffer from the repercussions? In relating this to our study on the novel Frankenstein, we can say that the scientist/creator character is Victor, and the created being is the creature. What we have to determine is whether Victor has done a right or wrong thing. As far as we know Victor was trying to create this creature in order to be famous and make scientific studies greater and easier. The creature in this situation is not shown the love that is necessary for a life of peace and happiness, therefore it seeks it another form. We have to take into account the countless times people would have this longing for the love they deserve, but do not receive. As a result, in our novel the creator creates his own destruction, and the outcome was terrible. When we look at what the scientific study of cloning has the power to do, we can only feel for the disadvantaged souls that are brought into this world not knowing who their parents are, and not having a true relationship with any family or parental figures. This does not seem like a morally correct practice to perform, and I believe that by playing the role of “God” we are dishonoring Him in that. Therefore, Victor (in Frankenstein) did the wrong thing in creating his creature, and he suffered the consequences. Now it is up to us as human beings with the ability to decide what is right or wrong to take a stand in what we believe, and educate the younger generations about modern science and what occurs. As a Christian, I believe that cloning is wrong and I will challenge the beliefs of my friends who think otherwise, in order for the truth to be revealed. But this is only my opinion, although it is a strong one. I leave to you who read this the option of looking further into this subject and choosing for yourself what is morally right.




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