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Amelia Earhart Essay, Research Paper


The fantasy of her eyes, young Amelia Mary Earhart wanted to pursue long nights in bed dreaming of suiting a righteous aviator. Amelia was born on July 24, 1897, in a small civilized town, Atchison, Kansas. Mr. Earhart was an itinerant railroad lawyer, and her mother a recognized member of one of Atchison s leading families. Amelia had another sibling than herself, her name was Muriel Earhart the younger sister. Most of their childhood, Amelia and Muriel would accompany their father on weekly fishing trips. Amelia was always surrounded and intrigued by adventures. Amelia was more of a dare-devil kind of girl, searching for something to be found. Amelia s adventurous spirit continued to seek new outer limits. Her wanderlust was ended by a vagabond lifestyle imposed on the family by Mr. Earhart s job, as a railroad lawyer. The Earhart s traveled a lot and this caused a delay in practicing her career as an aviator.

From the set backs of traveling, this prevented Amelia and Muriel from attending school. Amelia and young Muriel attended at six different high school s in four years, before Amelia had graduated from Hyde Park High School in Chicago in 1915. Meanwhile, a glitch had caught Mr. Earhart s job. Therefore they had lost of money for sometime. Luckily the inheritance from her maternal grandmother enabled Amelia to enroll in school. Persistent enough she enrolled at the Ogontz Preparatory School in Philadelphia. During the time Would War 1 was at stake. December of 1917, Amelia spent Christmas vacation with Muriel in Toronto, Canada supporting the veterans. She thrashly decided to remain in Canada as a Red Cross aide instead of returning to her school in Philadelphia. She was assigned as a nurse s aide and worked long hours in the kitchen and dispensary. She stayed due to the lack of nurses. After the war was almost over in Canada of 1919, Amelia became enthralled with the adventure of the Royal Flying Corps. Decided she would like to fly. Enrolled in a pre-medical program at Columbia University, actively majoring in liberal arts courses at Barnard College. Discovered her interests from attending a convention that she and Mr. Earhart went to in California of stunt-flying at a local airfield. She was fascinated of aerial aerobatics, and assorted events. During the time lessons were to expensive so she got a job as a telephone operator and finance her aerial education lessons. Before you knew it she was good to go. Soon after, June of 1921, Amelia Earhart made her first solo flight. On her 25th birthday, with some help from her mother she bought her own plane, a secondary Kinner Canary.

Days went to weeks, weeks soared to months and nothing Amelia would be was to pursue her skills on practicing stalls, spins, wingovers, and vertical drops. Toward the turning point of 1922, Amelia set a new altitude record for females of 14,000 feet. She resumed her pre-medical studies. She stated that “a medical career is not for me.” Before she left California , she sold her plane to accompany her mother. Amelia paused her flying profession for a moment and started teaching. Amelia and Mrs. Earhart went to Medford, Massachusetts to live with Muriel. She enrolled to Harvard University summer school. Became a social worker after teaching. She joined an association the National Aeronautics Association “For the Fun of it,” George Palmer Putnam, a book publisher whose authors included Charles A. Lindbergh. Putnam was stunned by Amelia s physical correspondence to the male aviator hero. Mr. Putnam thought it was a great opportunity for his publishing company and assigned Amelia to write a journey. June 17, 1928, “Friendship” was taken place for airing and hassling to Trepassy Bay, Newfoundland. The plane landed at Southampton, she was given a hero s honor. On her flight back parades were held up high, banners were raised in victory to welcome her home. Amelia was also given a congratulations from President Coolidge at the time.

In the upcoming year of 1929, Amelia placed third in the first Women s Air Derby in Santa Monica, California to Cleveland, Ohio. She set another record for women s of 181 miles per hour. On February 7, 1931 in Noank, New London, Amelia Mary Earhart and George Palmer Putnam were married. She asked George if she could keep her maiden name (Marlow 292). May 21, 1932, she made her flight across the Atlantic by plane the second solo time. Her name grew dramatically when she did it the second time around . She took action to help raise women s rights in aviation and ending male domination on the mew field. January 1935 made flight Hawaii to California, longer then United States to Europe. 1937, set around world with Fredrick Noonan, as her navigator, in a twin-engine Lockhead Electra. Completing more than two-thirds of her voyage in the distance, her plane vanished in Central Pacific near International Dateline (Earl 318).

Professor Thomas E. Devine believes there are signs of Mrs. Earhart in the presence of Saipan prior to the American invasion in June 1944(www.ameliaearhar). Earhart made her solo ensemble transatlantic flight from Harbour Grace, New Foundland, to Ireland in 1932. In 1935 she set a record the first solo from Hawaii to the American Mainland. All the great naval searches failed to locate her, it was obvious and airline services announce that she had been lost at sea(”Earhart” 528).

Through the great years of women society today, Amelia Earhart has become one of the most recognized female, that fled through the Atlantic twice. Outstanding possibilities some say that she has lived longer than tabloids present it to be. Early Earhart witnesses ponder this declaration. She accomplished many details and supported several events to progress women s right in everything that mattered. Flying was her favorite, she stated, ” I shall be happy if my small exploit has drawn attention to the fact that women, too, are flying.” And flying she did.

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