Deadman Butte Essay Research Paper Stagecoach Station

Deadman Butte Essay, Research Paper

?Stagecoach Station 34; Deadman Butte?, is a novel that takes place in the west, written by Hank Mitchum. The narration takes place in the 1950?s. The story is about the people that are going in the stagecoach, the circumstances that take place during the stagecoach and what happen when they reach their final destiny,Rawlins.

Larry Mangrum gave up a gunslick trade, but now it was calling him back. He received a telegram from his parents, they were being threatened by Vic Spain a cold-blooded killer from Rawlins, he should go in the next stage to Rawlins. Marshal John Claxton found out that Pete Wells was living in Buffalo under the name of Fred Sheridan, he was a wanted outlaw in Rawlins. Jack Parris was a bounty hunter who was after Pete Wells but when he got to his house to get him Claxton already had him handcuffed. Parris decides to go on the stagecoach kill everybody, say it was Wells the one who did it and turn him in to get his bounty! Molly and Betty Wells were accompanying Pete Wells to Rawlins. Although Pete had been an outlaw, he had changed and had gone straight in fact people in the city loved him.

At twelve o?clock the Stagecoach had took off for Rawlins. Marshal Calxton, Pete Wells, Molly and Betty Wells, Jack Parris Larry Mangrum and Hal Stacy, the rider, were talking about the constant Sioux attacks. There chief, Two Thumbs, like to kill and torture whites, he and his tribe were a great threat to the stagecoach. They finaly reached Mayworth, their first stop. They got a great surprise, Two Thumbs had been there, killed and burned everybody. The crew was scared. Larry went out to investigate. He was scared by the violent attack. Parris took his gun out to kill everybody and stay with Wells but Larry was faster and shot him on his shoulder. Claxton then cuffed him for the rest of the trip. Before they reached Deadman Butte Hal Stacy saw a Sioux army. It was of about 21 men. They stopped the stagecoach. Everybody got guns, even the women. Molly and Betty used hats so the Sioux thought they were men. The next morning came and 6 Indians came. Molly was the first one to get a good shot. First horses and then Indians were shoot. Next morning other six came, those were more aggressive. Pete Well was give a gone and in this occasion he save the Marshal?s life; an Indian got up to shoot Claxton but Wells aimed first, everyone cheered for him. That nights other five showed up, but Mangrum had designed an ingenious plan. He would capture Two Thumbs and the others would go under the ground and the attack the Indians in their backs. Everything went out successfully and Two Thumbs was captured for the first time in his life. Molly and Larry fell in love, Molly was concerned about him facing Vic Spain but she prayed for him.

Finally they got to Rawlins. Pete Wells went to trial. Larry, Betty, Molly and Claxton were present that day. The judge was going to give his sentence but Claxton interrupted, ?This man has saved my life, his life has changed and he has gone straight?. The judge said, ?because you saved a U.S. Marshal and changed to go straight you have been declared innocent and will suffer no consequences?. A smile went out of everybody?s face, but Molly was worried about Larry. Next day Mangrum went to look for Spain, when they met both took out their guns and shot, but Spain?s revolve didn?t fire. Molly went to Larry and kissed him, the whole crowd cheered.

Hank Mitchum describes very well a life in the west, cowboys, Indians, horses, outlaws and pretty, brave women. Also the adjectives given to Larry, making him the brave man, are always included western stories. The book is always exciting and easy to read. Not many details are included and that?s what makes it just the right book for me. The book didn?t influence it the way I think since it was a very fictional story. I give the book an 8 out of 10.


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