Drama Program Acceptance Essay Research Paper I

Drama Program Acceptance Essay, Research Paper

I fell in love with acting the moment I first stepped on stage as Laertes when I was sixteen. Since then, both my attitude toward and interest in the dramatic process have only increased. This semester, I was able to take my first drama class here at Duke. Jay Oberski, who is my teacher for Drama 99S, has only added to my love of the stage by showing me just how much fun one can have while acting. Because of this man, I hope to pursue a major in drama, as well as continue my acting career at the collegiate level and hopefully beyond.

I first came to hear of the drama program in London through one of the students in my class who participated in it last summer. This girl had only rave reviews to give me of the classes, performances, and atmosphere in London. I then decided that I needed to investigate this program further. The minute I picked up the information booklet, I realized that the drama program in London was most definitely for me. In addition to the fact that the two classes offered would count toward my major, this program has so much to offer me as both a student and a person. First of all, I have always wanted to see the great city of London. One of my best friends here at Duke is from London and has painted a picture of such wonder in my mind that I could not help but fall in love with the city. Secondly, I have always enjoyed going to productions, especially the ones on Broadway that I attended with my grandparents. From what I have heard, the quality of theatre in London is on par, if not better than, that of Broadway. I am truly excited to experience drama in another culture.

When this summer has come and gone, I expected to gain so much if allowed to participate in this wonderful adventure. Most importantly, I hope to acquire a further understanding of the dramatic process. Through both the text and performance classes along with an exposure to a different culture, I believe that this goal is readily attainable. In addition to this, I expect my love of acting and the dramatic process to grow even more. Each new experience that I have had with drama has given me further insight into this area, hence allowing me to appreciate and admire it further. Finally, by voyaging into a new and different culture, I hope to undergo a marvelous experience that I will never forget.


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