Romeo Essay Research Paper Romeo

Romeo Essay, Research Paper

Romeo & Julliet

I. Pick one character who could at some point, have changed the whole chain of events of the play. Rewrite the scene at that point, and project the events that would follow.

The character in which I feel who could have changed a whole chain of events in this play is Romeo. Romeo’s actions contradict many chain of events in this play. Some even lead to his suicidal death. If in this play, Romeo would have circumbscribed his actions he probably would have been around to run off to some place with Julliet. Unfortunately Romeo decided to juxtapose his actions with his thoughts, and in the end it led to a calamity. This is why I feel the Romeo is the inherent character in this play.

The scene in paticular, in which I think might have changed the whole play is Act I , Scene 4. I have choosen this scene because, I feel that if Romeo had never decide to go to the Capulet party, he would have never met Julliet. Whereas, if he did go, he would have met Julliet and the story would have carried out with it’s odds and ends.

I will now present to you a portion of Act I, Scene 4 rewritten through Romeo’s pragmatic thoughts in comparison to the original version in which Romeo doesn’t want to go to the Capulet party because of a dream he had the night before which tells him there will be harmful consequences of the party. Romeo then decides not to go to the Capulet party where after Mercutio’s and Benvolio’s persuasive talks.

Act I Scene 4:

{Enter: Romeo, Mercutio, Benvolio, and several Maskers}

Romeo: Is love a tender thing? Is it too rough, too rude, or does it prick like a thorn?

Mercutio: If love is rough with you, be rough with love. Prick love for pricking, and you shal beat love down. Give me a mask for an ugly face. I don’t care if people notice my ugliness. Here, look at my heavy eyebrows.

Benvolio: Come, knock and enter, and no sooner. But let every man dance.

Romeo: Let the playful people rush on the floor with their dancing, I’ll stick with the old saying and stand aside with a candle in my hand. The game is near so fair and I am done.

Mercutio: If you are Dun, we’ll draw youu from grievance. Of, save your reverence, love, where you are sick up to the ears. Come along men we must not waste time.

Romeo: No, that is not so.

Merctuio: I mean, sir, in delay we waste our time in vain, like time burns by day. Take our word, for our judgement sits five times the ere once in our five wits.

Romeo: And we mean well in going to this masquarade, but I have no reason to go.

Mercutio: Why do you ask?

Romeo: I had a dream last night.

Mercutio: And so did I .

Romeo: Well, what was yours?

Mercutio: That dreamers often lie.

Romeo: In bed asleep, while they do dream true things.

Mercutio: { Mercutio gives his famous speech of Queen Mab}

Romeo: Peace, peace, Mercutio, peace! You talk of nothing! Nothing!

Mercutio: Romeo you musint take your dreams to seriously, for they seem to control your life a little too much.

Benvolio: We must hurry for supper will served and done with, we will be late!

Romeo: I fear, too early, for my mind migives. Some consequence yet hanging in the stars, shall bitterly begin his fearful date. Of a despised life, closed in my breast, By some vile forfeit of untimely death. But he that has the steerage of my course direct my sail! Oh lusty gentelmen. I shall not go for certain actions have their consquences. I will take faith in my dreams for they foreshadow the future. Mercutio wait! Stop!

Mercutio: What is this you talk of Romeo?

Romeo: I have decided not to go, for my lovesickness for Rosaline has been forgotten and destroyed.

Mercutio: So you have no intentions whatsoever of going to this party for the Rosaline, why how and what made thee change thy mind so fast?!?!?

Romeo: I talk of dreams, in which you don’t belive. You go and enjoy yourself, tommorow you shall find me a happy man!

Mercutio: Suit yourself, Strike drum men!

{Exeunt: Romeo, Mercutio, Benvolio, and other Maskers}

Romeo then walks back home, and shortly falls asleep. He then has another dream. Only this time an even worse one. He meets a beautiful girl named Julliet in a cathedral, who lays dead in coffin. He strangely feels a strong liking for the girl beacause he can feel the tears on his face in mourning of Julliets death. He holds a deadly posion in his hand, and has strong intentions of drinking it to die beside Julliet. Before drinking the posion Romeo sadly says “For my Julliet” and then drinks the posion just as Julliet suddenly wakes up. Romeo then sees himself die painfully and watch Juliiet cry and ebrace him. Julliet then grabs Romeo’s gun impotently points it to her temple and ……BANG!

Romeo then wakes up in shock and fear. He then feels relieved that he didn’t attend the Capulet party for this dream ironically could have foreshadowed what he saw in his dream. ” For certain actions have deadly consequences.”


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