What Determines Manhood Essay Research Paper A

What Determines Manhood? Essay, Research Paper

A man is not defined by his muscles, his

facial hair, what he wears, what he drives, or by how much money he makes.

The common assumption a lot of guys have is that being male automatically

makes them men. Don’t get me wrong a person must be male to be a man, but

it is not the sole qualification for becoming a good man. A real man is

one who takes care of life’s responsibilities. Such responsibilities may

include obligations to family, friends, career, and community. A real man

is a role model and he respects women.

Negative media that degrades women does

not influence a real man. Real men don’t measure themselves by the success

of other men. Real men don’t quit. Real men are mentally strong as well

as physically strong. Real men are open-minded; they are not racist, sexist,

or homophobic. Real men respect the opposing viewpoints of others even

though they may disagree with them. A real man values education and is

always ready to learn. A real man is confident in himself but he is not

arrogant. A real man knows himself and his limits.

A boy grows from a teenager to a man when

he reaches certain milestones in his life. When a teenager graduates from

high school he is no longer considered a child. He must go and make a productive

life for himself. When a guy gets a job, starts college, earns his drivers

license, opens his own bank account, starts paying bills, begins to date,

and he begins to make his own decisions in life, he should be considered

a man.

Some kids grow up quick; therefore I believe

that a man cannot be defined by age. A boy becomes a man as soon as he

is successfully able to handle adult responsibilities. Some kids are not

only expected to attend school and get good grades but they also have to

deal with chores, run errands, and act as the man of the house because

there is no father around. These kids learn the importance of family early

and are often put under more physical and mental stress than the average

adolescent is.

Family is the foundation of our society

and the father is a major part of the family foundation. Having children

scattered across the country doesn’t prove a person’s manhood. A man should

love his wife, but if for whatever reason they are unable to stay together,

he should not hold his children responsible. A real man would never desert

his family. Any guy can have a child but only a real man can be a good

father to his child. Many children are negatively effected when there is

no father present in the home. A father must provide guidance, support,

and love to his children.

The man is also responsible for at least

fifty percent of the family income. He should make sure that all of the

family’s needs are met. A man is responsible for keeping food in the fridge

and clothes on his children’s backs. He has to pay the utility bills, which

include, water, electric, gas, the phone, etc. A family needs a good house

to live in; therefore the man needs to keep the mortgage paid. The family

car has to stay gassed up and in good working order. The car note and the

insurance need to be paid. The wife and kids will need health insurance,

and so does the house.

Friends are also an important part of family.

People cannot lead healthy lives without friends who they trust and are

able to confide in. A good man is loyal to his friends. Not only does he

hang out with them and go to parties but also he is there for them in times

of need. A good friend listens and gives practical advice when it is asked

of him. Friends do favors for each other. A real man is a good friend.

If a man expects to financially support

his family he must have a career that will allow him to comfortably do

so. There are not many options for good employment available to men that

don’t have a college education. Most men who do not have a good education

must settle for menial labor jobs, which require little skill and education.

The average menial labor job pays small wages.

The cost of living is constantly rising

and it is harder to support a family with these types of jobs. A man is

not defined by what he does or by how much money he makes, but if he cannot

earn enough money to handle his responsibilities, he is not a real man.

A real man strives to be the best that he can be. An adult male with three

children cannot handle his responsibilities with a weekly check from McDonalds

unless he is a store manager or a franchise owner. If a person is flipping

burgers at thirty-five than they haven’t tried to be the best that they

could be.

All of a man’s responsibilities tie in

to his obligation to his surrounding community. A person’s community consists

of a city or town, state, and country. A man fulfills his duty to his community

by successfully carrying out the demands of manhood. A man is expected

to be a good citizen. A good man works, pays taxes, and votes. A real a

man raises his children to be good citizens as well. A man should respect

women. A good man keeps his house in order and helps keep his neighborhood

clean. Real man care about the environment and they contribute to society

through their work. Men have a lot of responsibilities to take care of

in life. It is the real men that handle these responsibilities and emerge

as the leaders of society.


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