Odysseus Essay Research Paper Heroes are renowned

Odysseus Essay, Research Paper

Heroes are renowned for their abundance of qualities that enable them to conquer

any problem. Odysseus, from The Odyssey, is no different. He represents the

heroic ideals of Ancient Greece, and is revered for his perseverance, intelligence,

and leadership abilities.

Throughout his journey Odysseus shows vast amounts of perseverance. As

he is swimming towards land, against the tempest sent by Poseidon, he could have

easily given up. After three days of swimming Odysseus reaches land. “All his body

was swollen, and the salt bubbled from mouth and nostrils; breathless and voiceless

he lay in a faint, and awful weariness overcame him.” (71) This is the state

Odysseus was in as he reached shore. After years of not returning home he still

keeps hope alive that he will one day arrive, which is also and example of his


Through his many adventures Odysseus has always been prepared. The

Trojan Horse, the cause for the fall of Troy, was conceived by Odysseus. He is also

responsible for getting his men out alive from the Cyclops’ cave. “I tied them

together with twisted withies,… I tied them (sheep) in threes, with a man under the

middle one, while the two others protected them on each side.” (108) This explains

how Odysseus enables the remainder of his men including himself to escape.

Odysseus is also known for his leadership abilities. While commanding his

ship Odysseus had full command of his men even when they were all vulnerable to

Scylla, the six headed monster. “No, no, row as hard as you can, and call for help on

Crataiis-that is Scylla’s mother…” (140) After hearing this his men immediately

return to the oars and row for their lives.

Throughout the book Odysseus displays perseverance, intelligence and his

abilities as a leader. As a representation of the heroic ideals of Ancient Greece he

stands his ground to the heroic ideals of the many cultures of today.

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