Cold War Essay Research Paper so now

Cold War Essay, Research Paper

so now with the ficchis gone and pops meal mobile saved there was only one thing left to do…….. buy tickets for new yorks favorite hockey team, the strangers. they were taking on the mexico muskrats in what was sure to be the game of the century. it was game 7 of the bologna cup finals. the game was surrounded by controversy before it even started. muskrats captain julio “dirty” sanchez, had assaulted ranger captain mark messier in the locker room , messier was reported as saying, “first he pushed me then he gave me a reach around and then he called me a fagit.” oh the humanity. so brendan and chris are on their way to billy madison square garden to watch the game but brendan gets lost on the way and they end up in a highly rythmic neigborhood. luckily chris was holding onto the wiffle ball bat of justice in case any black kids were in trouble. fearing for their lives, the two agreed not to stop at any red lights or stop signs, at one point a cop saw them go through but brendan winked at him and he let them go. they finally found there way to the game and got to their seats. hennigan wanted a beer so he sent brendan to get however when asked for one the beer man laughed at him so hard that he had a heart attack, when he hit the floor brendan swiped a couple brews for chris. then brendan went to the amoretto sour man and got himself a little umbrella drink. the two heros were the only muskrat fans in the building and were subjected to all kinds of tuanting. one guy spilled his beer on chris so chris went ape *censored* on him, not cuase he spilled the beer on him, but cuz now the beer was wasted. brendan, being the sly bastard that he is, decided to cause more trouble with some rowdy fans, he asked one fan, “how tall are you?” the fan replied,” 7 foot 4 inches” “i didnt know they stacked *censored* that high,” said brendan, then the tall guy chased him around the arena and brendan’s only chance of escaping was to get on the ice. he snuck into the team locker room and threw on some goalie equipment. then he went and sat on the bench because it was much closer then his seats were before. the coach looked down the bench and after muskrats


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