’s Winter Dreams Essay, Research Paper

English Study: Discussing ?Winter Dreams? as a Love Story

Winter Dreams, by F. Scott Fitzgerald is a classic love story. It includes all of the stereotypical parts and moments we?ve come to expect from years of watching movies and from television.

Every love story has a hero, the one person we route for and believe is the good guy. The hero will usually come from a poor family or has a set back of some sort keeping him from the heroine. In Winter Dreams, our hero is Dexter Green, son of the owner of the second best grocery store in Black Bear. As we find out Dexter is a caddie to the more wealthy men we immediately know his social standing. The typical good mannered young boy who dreams of one day being wealthy enough to have his own caddie, and expectedly falls in love with a more wealthy and beautiful girl who all the men urn for. Then just as expected the fateful first meeting occurs and the two destined lovers meet for the first time. ?There was a general ungodliness in the way her lips twisted down at the corners when she smiled, and in the- Heaven help us!- in the almost passionate quality of her eyes? (360). Even though he has not yet fallen in love with her he notices her beauty in this, the most important first meeting. Dexter realizes that if he caddies for the young Judy Jones, he will never be able to have her. Caddying would show his lower social standing and therefore in her mind he would not have a chance. ? ?What are you standing there like a dummy for? Go pick up the young lady?s clubs? ?(361). To which Dexter responds, ? ?I think I?ll quit? ? (361). He chooses to quit rather than caddy, perhaps not only because of Judy

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but for his own dreams of becoming successful, at this point our hero has only seen the heroine and it is not till there next meeting that he will fall in love. It is the second meeting that our hero realizes that the heroine must be his and he cannot live without her, the courtship begins. ?She was arrestingly beautiful? (363). The second meeting has occurred and Dexter does realize how beautiful she is. However just like a love story should be the heroine does not see Dexter as a possible suitor, hence Dexter must prove himself worthy of her love. Later the two have there first moment alone together and for Dexter it is something out of a fairy tale. ?There was a fish jumping and a star shining and the lights around the lake were gleaming? (365). Time stands still for him as he is with her, everything is perfect as the description of the lake and surroundings suggest. You would think that they would kiss and a shining star would shoot across the sky, but for Judy she only wants him to drive the motor boat so she can go surfboarding. ? ? What?s your name?? He told her. ?Well why don?t you come over to dinner to-morrow night??? (365). The two star crossed lovers have there first date or so Dexter assumes. We know that in the beginning of the story it was Dexter?s poverty that kept him from Judy, but now as he has become a successful business man it is other men that he must battle and overcome. In this love story it is not a fammily feud or the heroines daughter keeping the hero from his prize. Rather it is the heroines own monogamous lifestyle. ? ?I don?t know what?s the matter with me. Last night I thought I was in love with a man and to-night I think I?m in love with you……..? ? (367). Finally the moment we have all been waiting for, Judy and Dexter fall in love and everything will live happily ever after. If this was the case it would not be a real love story. Judy is not the type to settle down, she prefers to have many relationships. Mind you not the sexual kind for that would make Judy a tramp and a

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hero will never fall in love with a tramp. ?Eighteen months after he met Judy Jones he became engaged to a different girl? (369). The hero falls in love with the girl, the heroine falls in love with the hero, then something happens to one of them and the story continues. The two do meet again as Judy comes back home. This time it is Judy who courts Dexter, ? ?I?d like to marry you if you?ll still have me, Dexter? ? (373). The moment perhaps Dexter has waited all his life to hear from Judy, but now ironically its his turn to be apprehensive for he is already promised to Irene. Dexter?s choice is the logical one for any love story he, as big a mistake as it is, perhaps blinded by love says yes to her proposal. However in true love story fashion the two can never be together and the engagement is broken up by Judy. This nears the end of the story as the two drift apart, Judy settles down and grows old. Her beauty and innocence lost, a bad husband and kids. Dexter matures and stays single, with his perfect heroine in his mind he achieves success that he always wanted. Until even that comes to an end for no one can be better off in a love story, Dexter hears of her fate and his own dreams are broken.

Winter Dreams is a love story, a tragic love story at that. Perhaps Dexter never wanted Judy for himself but rather to have as a possession to show off his wealth and possessions. In his mind she was beautiful and perfect. However all that is shattered now and so are Dexter?s Winter Dreams.


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