Sense Of Lost Love Essay Research Paper

Sense Of Lost Love Essay, Research Paper

Love bears all the happiness and all the pain; true satisfaction will come from loving another with all your heart. My mother always told me to remember that because that to her creates and embodies the genuine essence of life. Those words still echo through my head like ringing chime bells lost in the mist. She never hurt another soul, nobody as kind as she. Then she left me that night, no word of good bye or any wave, or hug. Nights after that I cry myself to sleep, the anguish so harsh, the wound etched so deep. I thought my heart could never feel the love that I felt for my mother. Days go by and I learn to cope with life without her loving presence, her words so sweet and wise. Her spirit never dwarfed by the agony that plagued her. I am sure she never wanted to leave me, yet another call beckoned her. My heart cracked and slowly died when she left, still so much distress in my heart. Then you came into my life; you brightened the darkest parts of my soul. You shared with me your love and your heart. You tended my broken heart and mended my empty soul. One child of glory you gave to me, a bundle of joy and tears. The happiest days of my life I spent with you, never believing that you would leave me like my mother. Now I see you there my love, my angel, my spirit, there you lay breathing heavily agonizing in so much pain. How could you even dare try to leave me? My heart starts the trek to pain again, the suffering and the torture will never abate. I know you must leave me, you think for Richard, our son. Think not of his pain for I will comfort him and help him through that torment. The grief in my heart, so much deeper, the wound of the past open again. Two people so dear and loved within the confines of my heart, so treasured in my eyes. Two people whose life ended so brief. Adieu my love, and when you meet my beloved mother in heaven tell her that I love her. Tell her I loved someone with all my heart. Then tell her my heart belongs to you…until eternity parts.


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