Whales Essay Research Paper The United States

Whales Essay, Research Paper

The United States views whaling very differently than Japan does. The first whale hunters were in the prehistoric times. At first they would just kill and eat beached whales. That became such a habit that they started hunting them. Most whale hunters use harpoons, guns, lances, or bombs that blow up inside the whale. They use catcher boats, or kayaks. In 1925, whalers developed factory ships that could hold 12 catcher boats and a crew of about 400.

In 1931, the International Whaling Convention began. The major whaling countries formed the IWC to protect whales from being over hunted and to regulate the whaling industries. The main duty of the IWC is to govern the conduct of whaling throughout the U.S, these measures provide for the protection of certain species; designate specified areas as whale sanctuaries; set limits on the numbers and size of whales which can be taken; have open and closed seasons and areas for whaling; and prohibit the capture of female whales accompanied by calves.

The United States stopped whale hunting in 1940 because of the International Whaling Convention and also because Congress made an U.S. code on whale hunting. The United States never depended on whale meat like Japan. They mostly whale hunted for a hobby. The Congress feels that whales are a unique resource of great scientific interest to mankind and are a vital part of the marine ecosystem. They think that whales are a particular interest to citizens of the United States.

Japan started whaling way back in the 2nd Century BC. They hunt whales because they have whale meat as part of their diet and is necessary to keep the Japanese healthy and alive because they depended on it for so long. People there eat whale meat as a source of protein. In 1962, the whaling industry recorded 226,000 tons of whale meat; this was the highest amount throughout the history of the Japanese whaling. In the mid -1970’s, whale meat was used more than any other meat and today it still is but has reduced highly since then.

The U.S and Japan have something on comon though, In the United States there is an Indian Tribe that is still whaling. This Tribe is called the Makah Indians. They are from the western state of Washington. They are allowed to hunt because the IWC believes that whaling has been in their tradition for so long that it is all right. Whaling has been a tradition of the Makah for more than 2000 years. Not like Japan, they are only legally permitted to take up to five whales per year.

Today there is a uncertain future for whales. Whalers have killed so many different species and most of them are threatened with extinction.

That s is it about my differences and likes on Whaling in the United States compared to Japan.


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