Elephant Behaviors Essay Research Paper When you

Elephant Behaviors Essay, Research Paper

When you think of an elephant, you probably think of its trunk, big ears, tusks or huge size. You might even think of famous elephants such as Babar or Dumbo. Those elephants may seem fascinating, but the elephants in the wild are even more intriguing. Besides its long trunk or sharp tusks, its behavior are peculiar also. The elephant’s behavior are very interesting. One of the many unique behavior of the elephant happens when another dies. Other elephants come and run their trunks over the deceased one, sometimes passing bones or tusks around the group. This would go on for about four hours a day, lasting five to six days at the most. There are generally no known reasons why this “ritual” goes on, but some interesting observations have developed. For instance, one family came across an elephant that had been shot to death in the forehead, and the usual ritual took place. This time, though, they stopped when they found the bullet hole. Some say these actions take place because they or mourning or determining the cause of death. Either way, the reasons for these actions is uncertain. Another special feature of the elephant is its special calls. The calls’ frequency are too low for human ears to hear. Males use them to get the female’s attention for mating. The elephant can hear these

different calls up to one and a half miles away. When the females hear them, they freeze, and slowly rotate their heads back and forth. The group replies, and goes looking for the males. Without these calls, it would be difficult to mate and warn others of danger. The family arrangement is also quite an interesting behavior. When the males reach an age of about fourteen to fifteen, they are ready to mate and leave the family group. However, the females stay with the group all their lives. The leader of the group is the oldest female, usually forty to sixty years old. The leader directs the group’s activities, and lets out a call to warn of incoming danger. This call signals the group to gather around the youngest members to protect them. The family structure is very organized, and protects the baby calves well. As you can see, the elephants behaviors are very intriguing. Elephants are dying fast, shot to death by poachers wanting their precious ivory tusks. There have been ivory trade bans, but elephants are losing their habitat. Humans are slashing their vegetation to make room for their cities, homes, and farms. If some action is not taken, the elephant may soon become extinct. Let’s not let this fascinating animal die out.


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