Coftuf Essay Research Paper Coffee a deep

Coftuf Essay, Research Paper

Coffee a deep rooted tradition in all Institutions of Higher Education- There is a vast array of differences between Willamette University and the University of Mississippi, however in the heart of each of the schools they are very similar. The antiquities of theseinstitutions are very diverse; this makes the “college experience” for each student bodytranspire in two very distinct manners. The past, is what presently shapes the actions ofstudents at both of the universities. This grasp of tradition is what these twoeducational institutions have most in common. It seems to me, that no matter were thecollege is located within the United States, or what the college has grown out of, thestudents follow many of the same traditions. Drinking coffee is a tradition that spans across this nation. Coffee houses located near Willamette University and the University of Mississippi, are like magnets that attract collegestudents. No matter that Willamette University is a very small conservative on the westcoast, or that University of Mississippi is a larger more liberal institution located withinthe heart land of the United States. Students at both institutions converge upon thesecoffee houses to relax, read, think and socialize. The Bistro is one of the places that serve to curb a Willamette student’s need for coffee. The Bistrois located right on the Willamette University campus, thus making it a very convent placefor the students to center upon. The Bistro serves people who like to enjoy a cup ofcoffee, and something sweet to eat. This little coffee house resembles somewhat of anantique restaurant. It has many different types of old wooden chairs and couches. Thetable mattes and couch cushions are decorated in a very sixty’s fashion, with spermaticcoloring and psychedelic designs. On any given day the Bistro is packed with students andfaculty all congregating here together. This makes the Bistro a kind of limbo, whereProfessors and students may freely interact in a more social atmosphere. Students andProfessors often meet hear to discuss a plethora of topics; ranging from the taste of thecoffee that they are indulging in, to political discussions on Newt Gangrig. The Beanery is another coffee house near Willamette University it is located off campus within the Salem city center. This coffee house is decorated in a very simple way, with all thecharacteristic coffee house designs. The store itself is very small and packed in betweenother shops. The Beanery can be very hair raising; for it not only serves as a place forWillamette students, but also the many transients who travel the bus lines betweenCalifornia, Portland and Seattle. These transients are often people that are attempting tosucceed in a musical career. This feature makes The Beanery a very diverse setting. Itallows Willamette students to interact with peers that have elected another route in lifebesides college. Such interaction is very interesting, and is always done graciously by

both parties. The Beanery, is one of the few places in Salem where the students interactwith people outside campus. The coffee houses that the Willamette University studentsvisit, are in principle very similar to the coffee houses at the University of Mississippi. Following in this college tradition students at the University of Mississippi also like to indulge themselves in the “atmosphere” of coffee. “Ole Miss” as the students refer to theUniversity of Mississippi, has many joints where students may attain their coffee fix. TheHoka, is known to be a place where someone may sit, and “chill with cinnamon coffee”(KarenCarlisle). This coffee house is more than just the average coffee hut; the Hoka serves as amovie theater, restaurant and cafe`. This conglomeration of hang outs, appears to be aplace left around from the sixty’s. It plays “movies that you could NOT find in mostplaces. . .[and]. . .serves vegetarian food”(Misty D. Shores). The main attraction at theHoka is being able “to relax and visit with your friends”(Misty D. Shores), while having acup of coffee with piece of their “famous cheesecake”(Rich Young). The Hoka, although beingvery old is alive due to the college tradition of having a cup of coffee while relaxing orworking. Another hang out where students of the University of Mississippi like to visit, and relax with some coffee is Square Books. This store not only sells coffee, but is also a very famous bookstore. Ole Miss students know that Square Books has “had a long history to tell about itsinhabitants”(Rich Young). The walls of this emporium are covered with pictures of all thefamous people that have visited there. The Ole Miss students carry on the tradition of thisstore by; visiting, getting a book and then reading with some coffee. At any time “manycollege students appear on the balcony reading and drinking coffee”(Gretta George). SquareBooks is another one of those places that appeals to a college student’s most basic needs;learning, relaxing and socializing. Without places such as The Hoka and Square Bookswriters such as Faulkner and Grisham may not have been so inspired to become writers. Although very different in almost every aspect, Willamette University and the University of Mississippi have their roots in a very strong tradition of higher education. Theseuniversities were founded with in two years of each other; Willamette University in 1844 andOle Miss in 1846. Social traditions that have been passed down since then are ground intothe freshman’s soul. These social traditions help make up the overall personality of auniversity. Coffee seems to be a tradition that students from both of these universitiestake very seriously. Spanning over two thousand miles, and hundreds of different culturesWillamette University and Ole Miss students share a similar need for coffee. It seems tome, that coffee is an essential ingredient for learning; just as milk an essentialingredient in a cafe` Late; it just would not be the same without it.


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