Comparision And Contrast Between The Rocking Horse

Winner And The Road Not Taken Essay, Research Paper

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The Comparison and Contrast of “The Destructors”

and “The Rocking Horse Winner”

Life’s stories shared through the view of two writers. Both stories have many

similarities, however, contrast with just as many differences. “The Destructors”, written

by Graham Green, and “The Rocking Horse Winner” written by D.H. Lawrence.

When contrasting these two stories, consider the plot, characters, story line, and each

authors approach. Also consider the intent and mood each author sets forth. In the story

” The Destructors” the setting is in a London car park called Northwood Terrace, nine

years concluding World War II. The plot deals with gang of young boys from the street,

whose soul purpose, is to destroy the inside of Mr. Thomas’ house without him even

knowing it. Mr. Thomas, once a builder and decorator, was better referred to as Old

Misery by the Wormsley Gang. He was viewed as a mean old man, and the only time he

was usually seen is when he is traveling to and from the market once or twice a week. In

the “The Rocking Horse Winner”, the plot starts off around Paul, a young boy who hears

unspoken phrases around his home saying “there has to be more money”. Paul develops

a belief that his no name wooden rocking horse is able to ride him to where ever

luck is. Paul also becomes addicted with horse racing and helping out his mother who is

obsessed with money. The authors made known in both stories the comparison of what

the mothers think about themselves. One example is both mothers, in the each story felt

that they were above others, in class or common wealth, and definitely nothing petty.

Likewise, the location was made evident by both authors. In the story “The Rocking

Horse Winner” the story location denotes a British background due to the use of shillings

and pounds and in “The Destructors” the author places the story in London, about nine

J. Mathis 3

years after World War II.

Similarly, both stories deal with a group of people who work together to accomplish

one goal. In one story, the “The Destructors” a group of kids, the Wormsley Common

Gang, work together, to destroy the inside of old Misery’s house. In the other story, “The

Rocking Horse Winner”, a group made up of three characters work together to win

money at the horse races. While money serves as the plot for the “The Rocking Horse

Winner”, likewise, fame and respect to the Wormsley Common Gang serve as the plot

for the “The Destructors”. In these two stories a victory strived for both groups.

In the “The Rocking Horse Winner”, Paul is motivated by the belief that riding his no

name wooden rocking horse during the horse race, he can control the winning horse.

Winning the Derby is a race he has always dreamed about. Unfortunately, Paul

dies from constantly burdening himself over money. Likewise, in the story “The

Destructors”, Trevor believes that with the help of the Wormsley Gang, they can

successfully destroy Old Misery’s house.

The characters in both stories are alike and different. They want to both accomplish

their goals. This may give a false sense of closure, completion and success to all

involved. Some other contrasts between the two stories are Paul in “The Rocking Horse

Winner” totally desires to become lucky and win lots of cash in a peticullar horse race.

Paul is looking out to help someone else, his mother. Trevor, in “The Destructors” is

looking for fame, respect and praise for his actions. Hoping his gang will have there

name in the headlines of newspapers. Trevor and Paul’s goals are opposite and alike in


J. Mathis 4

We are able to see many of life’s similarities and differences through these two

author’s characters. “The Rocking Horse Winner” was a story in which show both

success and sadness. In “The Destructors” the approach to the end of the story was pain

and suffering. One could wonder if it was possible to predict the future. Paul thought he

could. However Paul met his fate as a result of his predictions.

We can conclude from both stories that we need to find self-love and not seek fame and

fortune at the expense of others people.



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