Wears Jump Suits Essay Research Paper Wears

Wears Jump Suits Essay, Research Paper

Wears Jump Suit. Sensible Shoes. Uses Husband’s Last Name. Deborah Tannen “Wears Jump Suit. Sensible Shoes. Uses Husband’s Last Name.” A title fitting for nothing less than a feminist article. Deborah Tannen’s article is one that could be expected of a woman. Always complaining about what she has to go through to get by in a single day. Because Tannen has difficulty, she must find something to blame, so the obvious choice would be the entire male gender. The issue brought up is that women are “marked” and men are not. “Marked”, is a person’s style, something that is expected especially from women because of the many different styling options available to them. Examples being different hair styles, shoes, or even the way the dress. Her claim is that men are, well, basically they are clones! She is firm on her belief and will probably stick to it through and through. Throughout the entire essay, examples are brought up left and right to support her claims. Women are not only marked by their clothing, but also by their names and titles. She really goes into the whole title idea. Mr. Versus Miss, Mrs., and Ms. She prefers the title of Dr., in order to avoid being “marked” and giving up her marital status as a first impression. Some of her stronger examples coming from the paper are that when three names are mentioned and the one with the ladies maiden name and married name are combined. Her point here is that the individual with the longer name is “marked” because it sticks out like a sour thumb. Having such a long name claims her marital status and therefore “marks” her claims Tannen. Another excellent point was the way most English words in today’s modern language bear endings that suggest a male. Endings such as “ess and “ette” tend to make words denounced. “Would you feel safe entrusting your life to a doctorette?” Probably not suggests Tannen. A doctor is a much more relaxing term that demands respect.

Through out the entire paper, Tannen is sure to keep her own ego on the same level as the reader’s. Never trying to sound superior. However, she does convey a certain feeling of being well enlightened in this field. Perhaps it is the fact that this is not her first publication on the subject, or the fact that she had a Ph.D. may also help. After reading the essay and then applying it to real life. Tannen really does make sense. After all, how often does every lady in an office have the same hairdo? Same type shoe? Men for example, will usually have a similar type shoe as well as wardrobe that is worn to work. Hair styles? Not a great deal of options for “professional” men. So, in fact she does have a valid point. Women are marked, and it will be something that they must live with the rest of their lives. She argues left and right for her cause and position and makes her thoughts well known to all in her audience. In conclusion, does Tannen’s article make her a feminist? That is up to the reader. If a male scholar had written the same work, what would it be considered then? Probably not the same thing as if a female had written. It really doesn’t matter who wrote the article to be hones, because no matter what, it will not change they way society “marks” a woman just for being a woman. Certain things are expected from them such has keeping themselves well looking well and being presentable. The marks that have been assigned to women are permanent and will not be levied anytime soon. The best thing a woman can do is to get used to it.


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