Censorship 3 Essay Research Paper As Americans

Censorship 3 Essay, Research Paper

As Americans, we idealize our freedom and place a high value on our constitution and all that it stands for. We specifically turn to our Bill of Rights as a symbol of our freedom, both as a nation and individuals. Our freedom of speech and freedom of press are two of the values we hold highest. Many things can affect the interpretation of these values, and this produces much tension in today s world. For example, the censorship of forms of media can be seen as an infringement on the rights of citizens. Personally, I can see why some of these things would need to be limited, but I can also sympathize with those that feel their rights are not being upheld.

Many things about today s world can affect your point of view on the subject of censorship. I can sympathize with the view that censorship is necessary. I know, as an older sister, I do not like thinking that my younger sisters can buy, for example, CD s with explicit lyrics. Someone has to take charge and regulate these products and their availability. Thing today are too easy for children to get, without repercussions. If the government would regulate what these children hear and see, perhaps it will have a positive effect on the next generation.

Censoring the media can be seen as an attempt by the government to control and regulate the moral attitudes of its citizens. Some people believe there is not necessarily something wrong with that. Most people can realize the common values and morals we uphold as a nation- they are evident in our laws, our advertising, in almost every aspect our society. So then, if the government in essence upholds the same morals, why is it wrong for them to censor the media?

However, you then come to the issue of a possible infringement on rights. If the government can justify regulating lyrics, violence or anything else they deem inappropriate , where do they stop? Who, in turn, regulates them? In addition, what they feel is inappropriate I may feel is an expression of my personal self. Your rights, as a citizen should be protected at all times. Censorship, therefore, could be seen as limiting your rights and not protecting them.

In addition the government, by regulating things could become too powerful. It essentially controls what we see, hear and experience everyday. We pride ourselves, as Americans, on our government. We boast that we are free and we have the right to choose, but good is the right to choose if we have no options? We should be able to decide what is good or bad, right or wrong, desirable or undesirable for ourselves. It should not be up to the government to force morality on its citizens.

Essentially, I am leaning more on the side that media should not be censored by the government. It should be up to the individual as to what they deem appropriate for their personal enjoyment. Although I can sympathize with those who feel forms of media should be censored, I do not see how that is beneficial. We pride ourselves on our inherent right to choose and our freedoms- censorship only limits this. I would not want my sister listening to certain types of music for example, but I have to be confident that she knows better. I have to trust her to make the right decisions and not be influenced by things as superficial as that.

I believe it all comes down to issues of power. Giving one person, or a group of people, the power to decide what reaches society is an enormous responsibility- one that might get taken advantage of too easily. Media is a reflection of the ideals and popular opinions of the times. If media is limited, then our view of society will be distorted.


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