Patch Adams And The Kingdom Of Heaven

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Meyer Pd.

Patch Adams

Recently we watched the movie Patch Adam s in class. Patch Adams is a modern day example of a modern expression of Jesus teachings regarding power, solidarity, money, and prestige.

There were many examples in Patch Adam s of Jesus teachings on power. Jesus teaching on power was that the law would be our servant not our master. Patch Adam tried to show the medical community that some of the traditional rules and regulations for doctors were absolutely ridicules. He rejected most of the laws because they weren t allowing people the best possible service. Jesus taught to look to the original intent of the law. Patch Adam s did obey the rules and regulations that were meant to keep the patients and himself safe. But instead of taking it to the extreme he followed the intent of the regulation. Patch used the regulations to help him serve the people not limit him.

Patch Adams also shows modern day examples of Jesus teaching on solidarity.

Jesus teaching on solidarity was that compassion is the basis of solidarity to the human race. Patch Adams showed compassion for everybody especially the people that other doctors looked down upon. He was outraged that a mother had to sit there and fill out insurance information before her daughter would be taken care of. Patch Adams did not believe that doctors were an elite group. Instead he taught that everybody was a doctor in their own way. He thought everybody had talents and that everybody could teach everybody else at least one thing. Patch Adams did not want to make himself part of a certain group instead he was open-minded and saw inside people to see what they had to offer.

Jesus teachings on the kingdom of money is a especially prevalent in Patch Adam s. Jesus taught that there should be a total sharing of all material possessions. In Patch Adam s the house that Patch Adams made was a house where everyone went there and shared their talents. Their were doctors for the sick, people who cooked, people who just sat there and listened to the other people, but everyone did something. everyone contributed and everyone received in exchange, no one was looked down upon and none was refused. Jesus also taught that money shouldn t be the main point behind anything. in Patch Adam s the charge for the house was absolutely nothing the doctors all volunteered their time and talents. It was a place where people who couldn t afford insurance could go and get medical attention. Patch Adams did so much for the people less fortunate then him and he enjoyed every minute of it.

The kingdom of prestige was also shown in the movie. Patch Adams did not care about getting the white coat. The white coat was a symbol of status, if you wore the coat you were immediately respected. Patch didn t care about that he wanted to be a doctor in order to help people not to be looked at as superior. Patch Adams did not understand why being a doctor had to be so looked up upon. zhe really believed that evryone was a doctor in their own way. Patch Adam was a great example of a modern day person who lived by Jesus teachings.sss3/9/00


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