Report On Ulysses Simpson Grant Essay Research

Report On Ulysses Simpson Grant Essay, Research Paper

Ulysses S. grant was born on April 27, 1822. He was born Hiram Ulysses Grant but had later changed it to Ulysses Simpson Grant, Simpson had come from his mothers maiden name. His father never had much money, but somehow got an appointment for his son to attend the Military Academy at West Point, New York.

During the Mexican War he had served in Zachary Thomas? and then later Winfeild Scott?s armies. After the war he was transferred to garrison duty in the Great lakes area with his new wife Julia Dent Grant. They were happy, and started their family. Later though, he was transferred to the Pacific Northwest. He wasn?t allowed to have family there so he started to drink. That subsequently led to him resigning from the army. For six years he tried his luck as a farmer, real estate salesman, county engineer, agent in a custom house, and finally settled as a clerk in his brothers? leather-goods store.

When the Civil War broke out, he reapplied to the army, and initially was appointed a colonel of an Illinois regiment. His great leadership was noticed and he was promoted to brigadier general. When the Confederates moved to take Kentucky in 1861, Grant was ordered to capture Paducah and Smithland which were strategic sites along Tennessee rivers. He did so, however, two months later his troops were attacked while looting instead of preparing for a Confederate counterattack. Because of this, he was taken away from the action and sent a desk job, a lesson he never forgot. It took about a year for him to be given the trust of another command.

His biggest victory, and most important one, was the Siege of Vicksburg. After a difficult 47 day siege, in which no supplies were allowed to enter the city, Vicksburg surrendered to Grant on July 4, 1863. Food was so scarce at that point that the citizens had been eating rats, kittens, and mule meat. Newspapers were being printed on the back of wallpaper.

There were other battles that showed his skills of leadership and concentration. After Vicksburg, he rushed to help the troops fighting at Chattanooga which was crucial for General. Sherman?s march to Atlanta. He also was admired for his victories in Tennessee at Fort Donelson earlier.

All of these success stories brought him to the attention of President Lincoln, who was looking for someone to lead all the Union armies. He was promoted to Lieutenant General, and General in Chief of all the Federal armies, which was the highest military rank that anyone could have in that time. He never liked the politics in Washington, D.C., but did impress the President. He was glad to leave and get back to his troops. He did well in this job and liked seeing the big picture of the war and coordinating troops, supplies and movements.

On April 9. 1865, General Robert E. Lee accepted the generous terms of surrender from Grant, and signed peace at the court house at Appomattox.

In 1868, he was encouraged to run for the presidency, and secured the Republican nomination for that year?s election. He served two terms, but was not as effective as a President as he was as a General. His terms were filled with bad appointments, corruption, and scandals of those working near him.

Years later, he suffered financial problems, and when dying of throat cancer, he decided to write his memoirs to make some money for his family. They were finished just one week before his death, and were extremely well received, netting his family $450,000.00 and becoming ?an American classic.?


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